Saturday, June 1, 2013

GAS June 2013; GAS-286-289

Today we take our monthly peek into the offerings to come out from Cinema Unit GAS. Four are coming this time, all due out on June 22, 2013.

First up is Bakunyû Rino: Paizuri mikeiken no K-cup Momoi Rino (爆乳りの パイズリ未経験のKカップ ももい理乃!; GAS-286), starring lovely young 102cm K-cup girl, Rino Momoi (ももい理乃).
She's not at all BBW-ish, but a cute girl with a nice, big chest. A video sample can be downloaded from GAS' official site.

Next up looks to be my favorite of this crop of releases. Mighty 119cm L-cup lass, Marino Hoshizaki (星咲まりの), who debuted back in April, stars in Bakunyû to futarikiri de hoteru ni shike konde momimomi private sex: Hoshizaki Marino (爆乳と二人きりでホテルにしけ込んでモミモミ プライベートセックス 星咲まりの ; GAS-287).

Though having a spectacular body and face, reminiscent of the sorely-missed, now-retired Hana Uehara, Marino, unfortunately, hides her face in this video. Her previous appearance, in GAS-279, did not suffer from that handicap... A video sample gives you more view of the action.

The last of this month's trio of solo-releases is Gyôretsu no dekiru paizuri-ya-san: Sakura Yû: Renzoku nido dashi, semen suitsukushi! Nomi tsukushi! (行列のできるパイズリ屋さん さくら悠 連続二度出し、ザーメン吸いつくし!飲みつくし!; GAS-288) starring 110cm J-cup girl, Yû Sakura (さくら悠)

Yû, again, is a skinnier and younger girl who doesn't hold a whole lot of interest for me. The video sample can give you an idea if she interests you more...

This month's offerings conclude with the compilation, 100cm ijô no bakunyû tori oroshi! Paizuri & self chikubi name onanii + bonyû hitozuma (100cm以上の爆乳撮りおろし! パイズリ&セルフ乳首舐めオナニー + 母乳人妻; GAS-289). As the title implies, it collects scenes of ladies with busts over 100 cm (39 in), involved in paizuri, licking their own nipples, and lactation... none of which are especial fetishes of my own...
Above, lovely Nayu Satsuki (沙月なゆ) gives a taste of the action to be seen in this video, as does a video sample.

As the first day of the month, it's my first day of official work on submitting 1995 Pink film entries to IMDb. I didn't submit anything, but spent all online-day translating credits. Besides formatting information for the whole year, I translated credits to 10 films...

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