Friday, October 11, 2013

A Second Look at Shizuko Fujiki: MAGURO-045

Tonight we take another preview peek at a much-anticipated DVD. We already looked at this one in a post of September 20, but enough new visual material has come to light at Maguro's blog since then to warrant another look. This is Bakushiri mama: Target wa okusama no kyojiri! (MAGURO-045). The homepage says it's due tomorrow, October 12, but at the bottom of the page it gives September 20... so I'm not sure which one is official. It stars Shizuko Fujiki, or more specifically her 121-cm ass.
Here is the stately Shizuko walking home, with her main attraction-- that big old butt of hers-- threatening to burst through the confines of her skirt.

Back home, she releases those mighty cheeks while the handyman peeks in on a plumbing job that housewife Shizuko has called in...
...and here he thoroughly checks her pipes...
On the way to the bedroom, we get another glorious view of Shizuko's assets...
...and I can't think of a story to put to this image, but it's a nice image, don't you think? Let's just enjoy it...

The only concern I have, from looking at the images available so far is that-- spectacular though these view of Shizuko's butt are, there seems to be pretty much only butt views... I hope this doesn't turn out to be the equivalent of a "masked girl" video, or one where the faces are blotted out, because I do like to see the whole girl. I don't care that much for the videos that fixate on one body part without showing us the whole girl. I've mentioned before that the entire Shizuko is not my ideal: Her belly is disproportionately big, while her top is smaller. She does have a pretty face though, and one worth seeing in this video.


  1. Hello there!

    Check LUU's Twitter. I don't know exactly what the tweets say, but apparently she came in 1st place at Debukawa Night! Call it cheesy, but I'm proud of her.

    1. Hi Brandt! Not cheesy at all-- I was rather miffed when she didn't win the previous ones. I thought she was by far the prettiest... The only problem is Dekkappai, like Machete, don't tweet... I can't figure out how to see the posts... I'll write on it when I can get the information though. Thanks for the good news!