Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sayonara N-cup Kaori: BOMC-066

N-cup Kaori in BOMC-066
I have to report bittersweet news from Bombom Ojisan tonight. The good news: N-cup Kaori has a new DVD coming out on November 1 called Kanzen dokusen! Kiseki no N-cup Kaori sotsugyô! Saisho de saigo no kaodashi desu! 113-cm 20-sai (BOMC-066). Bad news: This is apparently her retirement appearance. In his blog, Bombom Ojisan has been dropping "farewell" messages to Kaori for the past couple weeks.
I'm sure we'll all miss Kaori and her magnificent N-cup chest. She is a breath-taking sight in a sweater or a bikini. Still, she was not my personal favorite of Uncle Bon-Bon's ladies.
She's another of Bon-Bon's models who I think looks stupendous in clothing-- and I could oggle her all day imagining the glories hidden by this bra-- but once disrobed she becomes less attractive.
Even nude, lying on her back, she looks great-- as the girls with the floppier, saggier boobs tend to do, in my opinion.
But when we come to an upright, or boob-hanging position, she is a bit flabby for my tastes. Still, Kaori is a magnificent model, and we hope her retirement will be followed up by a return appearance, as is so often the case with Japanese AV models. Sayonara Kaori!

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