Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miwako: BUD-02

Here's a worthy little video I came across recently. This is a November 2005 release in the "The Super Pocchari Body: Budoll" series, which I've noticed before, but haven't really looked into. The series name, I assume, is a portmanteau of the Japanese "buta" (pig) and doll, meaning it's a BBW series. Though "pig", of course, has very negative connotations in English, I get the impression that it's not quite so bad in Japan/Korea, where the animal has more of a cutesy reputation, than the filthy, fat, offensive one in English... this is just my own impression, though, so it could be completely wrong... And regardless, you wouldn't want to just go out and call a lady a "buta", of course...
What caught my eye in this video is the extremely cute, 120cm L-cup model. She is called Miwako, and I don't recall ever seeing her before. In accordance with the "Doll" part of the title, Miwako indulges in cosplay throughout the DVD.
The first half hour has Miwako dressed up in a typical cosplay costume while visiting her doctor. If there were any suspicion that the DVD is only in the cosplay/gravure genre, the appointment quickly becomes intimate, and sex ensues.
Next up comes a wrestling match between Miwako and a skinny guy, which becomes just a pretext, after Miwako beats the guy, for fellatio and paizuri. After the guy comes, it's into the bubble bath for both of them, where they continue the sex bout with hand-job and doggie-style.
At about one hour into the video we're back in cosplay mode, with Miwako posing in various costumes on her bed, and in front of her piano. She makes a show of playing, but obviously can't, and the background music doesn't allow us to hear whatever sounds she's making at the keyboard. The posing eventually becomes a masturbation scene.
Three-quarters into the 2 hour video, Miwako is back in the bathroom, where she gives her boobs a very thorough sudsing and rubbing. The video concludes with two five minute extras. First is a group of posed stills with Miwako in various cosplay costumes again. This is followed by about five minutes of behind-the-scenes and outtakes from the filming. This makes an interesting and unique feature to the video.

I'll give this video a high rating. Miwako is very cute-- chubby, busty, and happy. The video is fairly routine, except that Miwako has some interesting costumes to get out of before getting down to the nude/sex scenes. The concluding stills and behind-the-scenes gives the video a little more uniqueness. Highly recommended for all fans of cute, chubby Asian ladies!

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