Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fantastic Fujita Momoka at Glamorous D

Momoka Fujita
For a few months now I've been admiring, and planning to post on the mesmerizing beauty of a certain big girl at the Glamorous D bar in Uguisudani, Tokyo. The only name given her at the Glamorous D profile is "Fujita". I now realize she is Momoka Fujita (藤田ももか), whom we have visited before in a couple of IZM DVDs in which she was paired with other starlets.
Madam Keiko (L) and Momoka Fujita (R) in ICD-205
She co-starred with Madam Keiko (マダム桂子) in Double kyojiri naburi (ICD-205; November 22, 2012) at which time her measurements were reported as 145-98-140cm.
Kanon (L) and Momoka Fujita (R) in ICD-216
She re-appeared in March 2013, measuring in at 148-98-140 and teamed with Kanon in Dan-iji! Bakuniku pair (ICD-216). Images of her in these two videos didn't catch my eye all that much. She looks like a typical chubby girl, with more puffiness in the face than I like. Her video at Glamorous D also is not as awe-inspiring as are these images either. Her body is just perfect, in my eyes, but it's her face I guess-- a bit puffy.
Momoka Fujita at Glamorous D
In contrast to her video cover dimensions, this profile-- as does her Glamours D Profile-- gives her as 29 years old, height as 153cm, and measurements a markedly bottom-heavy 123(L)-?-148. And an image like the one above shows that her bottom may be her main attraction. Her blog does not appear to give physical dimensions in its profile.
Momoka Fujita at Glamorous D
Although this one indicates it may be her top...
But, on the other hand... look at those heavenly legs!
These professional, studio, glamor shots make Momoka an unbelievable beauty, though she seems to be rather less so in the IZM videos. This could indicate both the advantages of make-up and fashion, but also, no doubt, the photoshopping common at these soapland pages... But then, I ask, so what? These images are absolutely eye-popping in my book, and just dreaming about this girl, even if she doesn't actually exist-- or doesn't exist quite the way she looks in these images-- is plenty to fuel my over-active libido...

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