Thursday, October 10, 2013

Erika in ICD-134

Tonight, per request from friend of the blog, NEO, we take a critic's eye look at a DVD from large and in charge girl, Erika. The DVD chosen for review was released November 25, 2010 and directed by BBW specialist, Ryudai. I gave this video the English title of Ultra Bomber Boobs 152cm! (Urutora bakunyû 152 cm!; ICD-134) at Boobpedia. offers a sample video clip in .wmv format for downloading.
Erica in ICD-134
The video is divided into three chapters, with an  extensive selection of preview clips from other IZM videos following. A five-minute prelude to the video proper gives us a view of boob-playing. First Erika plays with her boobs alone for the camera, then an unseen guy behind Erika plays with her boobs
Erika's THIGHS!
Next Erika lays on the bed and asks her partner to give her a massage. She tells him to go harder, complains that he's weak, then flips him over for her own attack. I can't resist posting the above view of Erika's thighs and legs during her unsatisfactory massage. As much as her stupendous boobs and butt are focused on in this video, that warm, soft, inviting valley we see above is where I'd most love to bury my face first!
Erika then proceeds to face-sit, boob-crush, boob-slap, and jump on him for the next 20 minutes. In the midst of this face-sitting armageddon, Erika's victim apologizes for his dick getting hard, and the appropriate follow-up is some fellatio & paizuri, as well as rubbing the guy's dick with her big, soft belly-- a sex-practice that I don't know the word for. After she finishes him off, she continues with some more vigorous face-sitting, concluding with her own orgasm on his face.
At about 40 minutes in comes the post-climactic shower scene. Much face-sitting and face-slapping-with-boobs ensues during the bathing as well.
The second scene starts about 50 minutes in, with darker lighting and Erika joining a gent in bed. It starts out with some kissing, which is rare, but rather nice in one of these videos. Unfortunately, as is the style with AVs, it goes on too long, developing into overall body-licking, which is OK with me, then to spitting in the guy's mouth, which is not... Boob-smothering follows, which is VERY OK with me... After this long and rather un-arousing section, more usual and satisfying varieties of sex follow.
At about 1:30, the third and final scene begins. This all takes place on a couch. Erika first crushes onne guy, then another guy appears and she takes them both on. She smothers both guys at once with her boobs: one face to each boob. The next logical step is for her to sit on each of their faces, one butt cheek a piece, which she does. She continues to crush them both on the couch, while clothed, until the video ends suddenly
Erika in the first scene of ICD-134
I'm of two minds about this DVD. On the one hand, all it is is sex. Technically, there's nothing to recommend it beyond a video to watch purely for its sexual images. The photography is adequate-- nothing more-- not intrusive, but not extraordinary either. The story is... well there is no story. It's just abstract, un-prepared sex. And straight, no-nonsense sex is fine for when that's what you're after. But even the order of the sex scenes doesn't even make a lot of sense. The first scene proceeds from massage/foreplay to full sex and climax. The second scene is just shower / massage. And the last scene is basically just foreplay, and ends abruptly with no climaxes from any of the three people involved. Putting just a little bit of thought into the overall structure and plot of the video would have greatly improved the impression, without taking away from the sex at all.
Erika in the last scene of ICD-134
But the good point of the video is Erika. And Erika alone is enough to make this a must-see DVD for any lover of big Asian girls. I took over twice as many screenshots of this one than I usually take when preparing a review-- over 200 images. Erika is that good to look at, if you like big Asian girls. She is, obviously, is a big, big girl. She's got a pretty face, but not as much so as some of the other big girls-- LUU for example. What's so enjoyable about watching Erika in action is that she obviously loves being a big, big girl. She slaps those huge boobs in her partner's face with a big smile, she mercilessly rubs herself on his face until she climaxes. She takes charge and has a fun time doing so, and watching her have fun is a lot of fun her fans! 7 stars out of 10


  1. Hi Dekk! Erica is too big. so for me she is not attractive. Maguro has new one now : maguro 45 with Shizuko Fujiki. I love her ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi CoPhong! Of course I understand that not everyone will like all the models-- I hesitated on writing about the big girls at Boobpedia and here at this blog for that reason-- didn't want to get into arguments about personal taste... And Erika's a big girl alright ;-) Some of the girls in the FDS label, for example, are just too fat and unattractive in my opinion, but Erika is shaped nicely for her size. She's got a deep and husky voice, which I love in a woman. There is also something about Erika's overall personality, that I really like a lot-- she's happy with herself...
      I agree with you on Shizuko's butt-- one of the best in JAV! I'll look for the new DVD.

  2. Thanks, Dekkapai, for another great review! I'll definitely need to check this vid out, now that I've seen how gorgeous Erika is. I really appreciate the images you choose to use. You're right about her big sexy legs-- such a wondrous sight! I, on the other hand, really like Erika's bigness~ Any word on her weight?

    1. Hi, DaoDaimyo. Thanks! And welcome to the blog! I don't think there's anything I like better than fat, shapely legs... I don't know why... The cover to this DVD gives Erika's weight as 132kg or 291 pounds... Quite a delightful morsel...

  3. Hi! this is NEO once again superb review once again. I just love her mammoth boobs, huge belly and nice deep belly button nice buttocks, indeed she has a nice personality.

    1. Hi, NEO-- Glad you enjoyed the review. Erika's one of my favorites too, and I hope we see more of her in the future!

    2. Hi there this is NEO , yeah! I have enjoyed the review and when u get your hands on the ICD 208 do write a review please , OK then cheers :)

  4. I actually live in Japan and I was looking for big titted girls that work on delivery health places.
    I stumbled across this:

    Erika works there and I send and email to the shop asking if they service foreigner and they said yes!
    Kinda hard to find shops that allow foreigners.
    They said that the girls don't speak english but if you have very basic japanese and a smartphone for translation, you should be able to enjoy a session with them.

    She is a little too big for my taste and she has a lot of pimples and skin issues in her breasts which are a big turn off to me, but I'm still entertaining the idea of meeting her.

    Anyway if anybody is around Osaka, she is attending there ATM.

    1. Hi, Anonymous, and welcome to the blog, you lucky guy! I dream of living there some day-- I've only visited Japan, but lived in Korea a few years.
      From reports I've read around the web, the BBW-themed soaplands seem to be much more foreigner-friendly than most... which is great news, as far as I'm concerned. That site has a lot of, big beautiful ladies! If you get to meet Erika, tell her she's got some major fans here! And have a good time!