Monday, October 28, 2013

Dekajiri Dot Com 6: Make way for Atsuko!

It's been quite a while since a new entry has been released in director Timio Juvorenup's Deka-jiri (Huge Butt) series. The first hints of a sixth release on this label were posted at the Hyperedge blog last night and the Dekajiri blog tonight.
Apparently the DVD won't be released until December, but if this image is any indication, this previously rather disappointing series may have found a model worthy of its proud name.
The only information I have on her so far is that her name is Atsuko (厚子), and she is a wrestler. We can see from this view that she's a big girl, with a big butt. Unfortunately, as has been the practice in this series, she appears to remain masked.

This is just a brief note on this upcoming release for now, but as further information comes available, I'll add it to this post.


  1. I'm trying to buy or get a hold of these dekajiri videos. I love in Europe, Sweden to be exact. Any ideas how I can get them? Thanks.

    1. Hi whootyman, and welcome to the blog! I haven't yet seen an entire Dekajiri video myself. You could try the Japanese retail sources (although is the only one I see offering it, and they're not allowing access to it to foreigners)... the only alternative would seem to be download sites like or (read their "comments" for links)... but even these sites don't have the Dekajiri videos... The Dekajiri site ( offers brief streaming video clips of each video... sorry I couldn't be of more help...