Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cutie Fat LUU Arrives!

I got a little package from Japan today, one I've been expecting for a couple weeks, and one of interest to this blog. It's an item called Cutie Fat LUU. We first noted its release in a post in February. It's a gravure/photo album book, of the type that has been produced in Japan since the '70s at least: All photos, no text. It's medium-sized: I've got one which is bigger (Chikako Aoyama), many smaller (many). The photos are very nicely done, and more impressive in print than they are on a computer screen. Despite my misgivings to the contrary before ordering, I don't think I have ever seen any of these shots before (except in previews for this book). Several of them show LUU in costumes she has worn before, and as characters on which she has based her CD-ROMs, but these appear to be from new photo sessions. There is a lot of cleavage shown, but no nudity.
Worldcat lists the book, giving us some useful information such as the photographer: Seita Andô (安藤青太), the series: Myway Mook (マイウェイ ムック), ISBN numbers: 9784865110005, 4865110003, and OCLC number: 828854992. Amazon gives us the release date: February 26, 2013.
Blogger has threatened to delete any adult site which links to retail sites, so I hesitate to promote the site I ordered it from, but they deserve a nod of thanks for their fine service. I got it from JList, which appears to be a site run by English-speaking ex-patriots in Japan. They offer it for $12, and $5 for the lowest-priced shipping, which means you can get this ¥2,100 item to your mailbox, from Japan, for only $17, which is a bargain if ever I've seen one. If you're interested in getting it, you'd better hurry, because, as of this writing, they only have two left in stock. The experience dealing with JList was excellent: Low price for the item, low-cost shipping (from Japan), and they kept me updated on the status of the order right up till the time it shipped. It was prepared and sent within two days of my ordering. Shipping tracking is available, but not with the el-cheapo $5 international shipping rate that I chose, so I was prepared to keep my fingers crossed for the next 3-6 weeks. Actually it took less than that: about two and a half weeks.
NOTE: This is just a quickie post to let readers of this blog know the big news. My scanner is on my old, offline computer, which makes scanning and uploading images quite a complicated process. But I will scan some images, and use them to decorate and expand this post this weekend. I know some readers have been anxious for news on this item, so I post it without images tonight.


  1. Holy shit, I'm feeling murderous suspense waiting for this.

    I know you're an honest man, but PLEASE be true to your word. I'm glad you now own this wonderful book, and the idea of not sharing is perfectly justified. Bottom line, thank you so much.

    Have a great day!

    1. I thought you'd be happy about this ;-)
      I'll just scan a few images for illustration purposes-- probably Friday. I'll be sure to pick out some of the most impressive ones!

    2. Yay! Thank you so much! I'd ask you to share more, but I understand any preference not to.

      This link pretty much confirms that she won the Debukawa Night, and shows some photos of the other ladies.
      Since Maryou wasn't there, it's hard to disagree that she was the prettiest of the bunch. The two truly are wonderful flowers.

    3. ...No problem! I've been busy lately-- I'm still working on this post, and just stuck in a few of the images I scanned... I'll probably use more images from the book in future LUU posts too... Thanks for the link! That will be valuable for another post... A couple of the other ladies don't look bad either... "Nee-san" for example...