Sunday, March 3, 2013


I spent most of my online time today working on the Pink film poster linking project while opera played on the TV. This morning's selection was Rimsky-Korsakov's Golden Cockerel, and John Adams' Doctor Atomic, which I like more on repeated hearings. I'm down to only about 200 more posters to link to the blog from the last full Picasaweb album. There will be a few more to do to catch up to all that have been uploaded to the blogs, then I'll be able to upload and identify simultaneously..

But tonight at this blog, we finish our week of Soapland visiting. We stay in Osaka-- which seems to be something of a hot-bed of BBW activity-- maybe somebody more familiar with Japan as a place rather than an abstraction can fill me in. If Osaka's where the big girls are, I'm brushing up on my Osaka-ben and headed there! (A quick Google of "BBW Osaka" brings up "Belgian Beer Weekend Osaka"... well, big girls and beer are two things that go well together too!)

Anyway... tonight we drop in at a place called D-Heaven. As their name implies, the main focus of the shop is bustiness, but in so focusing, they become a BBW shop by default. Their list of girls  provides a glimpse at many appetizing entrees, and is particularly rich in BBW AV performers whom we have looked at, or will look at in more detail in other posts... AV idol Shion Amane (天音しおん)'s page whom we visited last May, says she is 20 years old, stands 163cm and has a 130(K)-96-120cm figure. She maintains a blog which has pictures.

 L-cup girl, Lulu is AV idol favorite, Hana Uehara. Her main profile doesn't identify her as such, but her site blog gives images which make it easy to see who she is. Her measurements are given as 120(L)-68-95, standing 160cm, and the last update to her blog was in April 2012, which was about the time of Hana's much-lamented retirement.

Only one picture is offered of Sara (さら), but her 132(M)-75-115(cm) figure makes her with a look. 

Our final companion for this week's tour is GAS girl, Jun Minami (美波じゅん) who has a profile at D-Heaven as well. The image above right is, I think, the first time I've seen her without glasses. As much as I love girls with glasses, girls with glasses who have taken them off have a unique quality about them, which I love... The taking off of the glasses to reveal that look is one of the things that appeals to me about girls with glasses.
And that concludes our week's tour of Soaplands. I have more than enough material left over for another week, but I am getting tired of the images of mostly fogged-out faces, and cleavage... We'll move on to other subjects for a while, then take up the tour again at a later date. Friend of the blog Co_Phong has requested an in-depth look at the lovely Ms. Jun Minami, seen above, and I have been meaning to do this for a while. Tomorrow night we'll look into her latest DVD release. Until then, as they say in Osaka, Sainara...


  1. Hana Uehara retiring and became a soapland girl?? I was so sad when I heard of her retirement. Will there be any chance she came out of retirement?

    me and ton of boobs jAV lover hope so.

    1. Hi Sebastian. No, from what I gather, she was a soapland girl along with her JAV work. She's retired from both now. As far as a comeback? Many of these JAV actresses go through several retirement/comeback phases. I have no information on Hana's, but we can only hope this retirement is temporary. She is one of the best of the best...

  2. i'm going to osaka in a few months time so Hana Uehara has retired from both....

    1. ...have a great time! I don't know if it's true, but from my own web explorations, Osaka seems to have a large concentration of BBW soaplands. And yes, unfortunately Hana Uehara seems to still be retired... I hope she'll return eventually, like Miyabi Hayama did.