Monday, March 18, 2013

Mariko's Debut: The awful boobs come appear!

Tonight, in our first step in a review of Mariko Morikawa's career, we start with her AV debut: Ultra Q-Cup 124cm: Tits Way Too Huge (ウルトラQカップ124㎝ 巨大すぎるデカパイ - Ultra Q-cup 124cm: Kyodai sugiru dekapai; AS-373), released on July 21, 1994 by Athena (アテナ映像). Athena's homepage is blocked where I am-- possibly anywhere outside Japan-- but this studio got a little international attention for producing Traci Takes Tokyo in 1986. The charmingly Japlish tag on Mariko's first video trumpets "Never ever biggest!! The awful boobs come appear," and the Japanese tags claim she has the biggest boobs seen in the history of Japanese AV... which might just be true... I don't remember seeing any bigger, and I was following pretty closely through Japanese magazines during that era...

With Hikaru Kitô (鬼闘光) behind the camera, Mariko was in good hands with this debut video. According to Japanese Wikipedia, Kitô, who directed Mariko's first three videos, is a big bust specialist. Born in 1953, he started film work during the Nikkatsu Roman Porno era, and worked as Assistant Director to famed Pink/AV-director "Yoyochu" (Tadashi Yoyogi), whose roots go back to the very beginning of the Pink Film genre, with World Eiga in 1963. Kitô started work for Athena in 1981, and debuted as director with an AV starring Japanese big-boob legend Eri Kikuchi (Boobpedia article). Kitô also goes by the name Matsuhiro Takahashi (高​橋​松​廣).

I'm having difficulties locating images from Mariko's early work and, when found, accurately identifying which video they came from. I'll add to this post as more become available...

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