Friday, March 29, 2013

Monster Bust Girl Mariko

Pink film work continued this morning by finishing switching the better post-1990 posters. There are only a few-- about 20-- pre-1990 ones to do. I translated two more years in the Okura Film filmography-- 1987 & 1988. One more year to go on that and the Pre-1990 Blog filmography is done. (By done, I just mean translated-- lots of formatting to do. I plan on linking from the filmographies to the blog entries on the films.) And I added the the Link / Edit captions up to 1986.
Our visit with Mariko Morikawa tonight brings us to Monster Bust Girl Mariko 123cm Q-Cup (バケ乳 123cm Q-Cup 森川まりこ - Bakenyû 123cm Q-Cup Morikawa Mariko; TMX-054), directed by Tetsu Okude and released in 1996 by Tokyo Maniax as part of their "The Greatest Bust Series".
"The Greatest Bust Series" is certainly a promising series title, and one I'll probably investigate later.
Other than the basic release information, this is another video on which I couldn't find much definitive info. However, based on her hair style in the video cover, I deduce that the images in this photo shoot were taken about the same time.

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