Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Glimpse at Yui

I've been busy with the Pink Film project lately, so missed last night's post here, and will have to make this one brief. I just added a couple new images to old posts though-- the Sara Aikawa / Masaki Amamiya one in particular. The Pink Film poster identification project roared past poster #200 in the last Picasaweb album, leaving some 258 more to go. I also finished translating my Xces Filmography yesterday, and started on the last major Pink Film studio filmography today-- Okura/OP Eiga. I'm up to 1975.
Yui Igarashi
More bad news at this blog, however. I received a second "copyright infringement" shutdown notice today. What makes this more frustrating is that Blogger doesn't send the original complaint, but sends it to "Chilling Effects", where you are supposed to be able to read it. The search feature to that site has been down for the past week, so I have no idea what the complaint is... The common denominator between the two posts, however, is the DVD studio (Munekyunkissa), so I have pre-emptively taken down all posts with reviews of their DVDs. If the bastards don't want free publicity, fine. It's not a studio I'm especially fond of, and it's not worth risking having the whole blog shut down... Oh. And there's a picture of Yui Igarashi above, just for your viewing pleasure. 'Night all...


  1. relax man...
    someday if you want to change http://en.support.wordpress.com/import/

    1. Hi Av3. I'm fine-- I've run into difficulties like this all through my online career, but keep on plugging. Blogger is being very good about this, just hiding the posts complained about. I can still see them and edit them... If I can ever read the actual complaints, maybe I can change and re-post them...
      The slowdown at this blog is not because of the complaints, but more because I'm excited about putting my energy into the completion of the huge Pink Film project, which is almost done, after about... 12 years of work! :-)