Monday, March 25, 2013

Mariko on the Big Screen: Kyonyû shûdôin

I finished up a few Mariko Morikawa posts here in the morning, then spent most of the online time working on the Pink Film project. I have copied the new posters over to my old computer, where I have my Photoshopping software, for cleaning. I also started exchanging old smaller poster images with larger ones found since the first upload. That entails not only fixing the post in the blog, but also deleting the old image from the Picasaweb album...
Tonight's visit with Mariko ties in with my Pink film work. We find her taking a brief break from her AV career in January 1995, to appear on the big screen, in director Sachi Hamano's Pink film, Big Tit Monastery (巨乳修道院 - Kyonyû shûdôin).
I haven't seen it, and can't quite make out the details of the plot, but, judging by the poster and the still above, it's a must-see for anyone with a fetish for big-boobed Japanese nuns...

Xces released the film on video in March 1995 as Ultra Q-Cup 124 Centimeters Sister (ウルトラQカップ124センチのシスター; ES-006).
I can't speak about the film's quality, but I notice that it was not mentioned in the Pink Taishô for that year, which is the "Academy Awards" of the Pink Film. This ceremony honors the top ten Pink films of the year, as well as performers, directors and other personnel involved in the Pink film industry.
The director, Sachi Hamano, gets respect as the most prolific female director in Japan, certainly, if not the world. Jasper Sharp, in his book on the history of Pink Film, doesn't appear to have a very high regard for the quality of her work in the genre, but in recent years she has broken into mainstream film and won some international acclaim.The film's screenwriter Kuninori Yamazaki is also a major Pink Film name, having written over 200 screenplays, and directed nearly 100. He also acted in a few and produced one, back in the days of Million Films.
Many Pink Films are re-released years after their first release, under different titles. Kyonyû shûdôin was re-released on July 28, 2006 as Paizuri shûdôin: watashi o, zange shite (パイズリ修道院 -私を、懺悔して!). Xces has a page for the film under this re-release title, which gives full credits and a plot description, as well as the film still images used in this post.
Mariko's AV career was not totally in limbo during January 1995, since Athena-- the studio at which she made her first three AVs-- released a compilation video which included her work. As can be seen above, Mariko is featured prominently on the cover of The Big Tit Collection II (THE 巨乳コレクション II - The kyonyû collection II; ADT-05). That image on the lower right of the cover, is the first image I ever saw of Mariko, while I was in Japan, in November 1994...

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