Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lustful Brute Mariko at Gal's Dee

I spent my morning online time on this blog again, preparing the rest of the Mariko Morikawa career review project, which should take us through April 2, and then adding screenshots and plot description to the post on Q-Cup Slave.I'm almost tempted to submit some of these videos to IMDb to bulk up Mariko's filmography there, since it looks like she just appeared in one thing, the Pink Film... especially since the director and studio for her first year in AV already have entries at IMDb... My evening online time was spent chipping away on the last legs of the Pink Film poster project. I cleaned up a few posters that are to be uploaded soon, and I did some more replacing of smaller/poor-quality images with better images that have since been found.

And now, back to Mariko! Jûnyû: Q-cup ecstasy (獣乳 Qカップエクスタシー; AS-406) is another of Mariko's videos which is a bit difficult to trace, and which I didn't find when compiling my Mariko filmographies for Wiki- and Boobpedia. Apparently her last for Athena (アテナ映像) and director Hikaru Kitô (鬼闘光), several sites give only the release year to this video-- 1994. The studio number (AS-406) is later than Mariko's previous release for the studio (AS-398) which was released on December 21, 1994. If the studio followed on their established pattern, her next release would have been on the 21st of January. Since the difference between her first and second release for the studio was exactly one month, and five catalog numbers (AS-373 / AS-378), I am going to contradict Japanese Wikipedia, and put this released down for an educated guess of a January 21, 1995 release. If it actually was released in 1994, it would have been very late in the year. It has an Amazon listing which gives the release year as 1999, which is probably a re-release. The Japlish cover blurb croons, "She bare the breasts, like a lustful brute!! It is Mariko Morikawa".
...And since that's about all I could dig up on that video, let's look at one of Mariko's early photo shoots. These images supposedly com from the April 1994 issue of Gal's Dee. Notice that this layout, still three months before her AV debut, lists Mariko's top measurement as 104-G. The August 1994 issue of D-Cup Japan has her on the cover, announcing the "Q-cup Debut"-- her first video appearance.
Gal's Dee was a fine publication founded in October 1992 to focus on big-boob girls. The images of Mariko above were reported to have come from the April 1994 issue, above left, though I don't see her name on the cover. The July 1994 issue, to the right, is the first in which I find Mariko listed... One of these days I'll do a post on this periodical and some other classic Japanese big-boob magazines... As can be seen from these covers, even in this post-Kimiko Matsuzaka era, "big-boobs" in Japan meant merely some meat on the chest and nothing more. Models who could compare to Kimiko were still extremely rare, and the appearance of Mariko on the scene was enough to warrant the shock and awe that justified the supernatural "Ultra Q" title of her first video release.
A G-cup was considered the ne plus ultra of bra-sizes, since it was Kimiko Matsuzaka's cup. Even the rare girl promoted as bigger than Kimiko during her reign-- Kei Kuwata (桑田ケイ) for example (114cm bust compared to Kimiko's purported 110.7cm)-- claimed no more than a G. The first Bomber Girl video gives Mariko's upper measurement as 104-I-cup, which was supposedly the measurement given by Mariko herself.

As these photos amply demonstrate, however, Mariko was in an entirely new league, and ushered in a new era in Japanese boobery, and the wider-spread appreciation of the BBW form. There were complaints at the time that she was too chubby to be desirable as an AV actress, but once it was realized that the chubbiness itself was one of her charming points, the acceptance of Mariko brought the first real appreciation of the chubby girl in Japanese erotic entertainment. At least that's my gaijin take on the history of the genre, viewed from overseas...

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