Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dekajiri Dot Com 4

I got quite a few posters IDed and linked into the blog this morning. There are about 468 in that last Picasaweb album, and I've done about 50 so far... The end is near though. I also did a lot of work translating the Xces filmography today, finishing through 2002. I figure before I go back to IMDb work, I'll get the filmographies and the poster blogs in shape. That will make it considerably easier to add new films/data to IMDb anyway...

Tonight we notice that the latest entry from butt-master, Timio Juvorenup's Dekajiri label-- Dekajiri Dot Com 4-- has been announced. The official page offers a video clip and image gallery.

A few images from this new DVD have been released at Timio's blog. I have seen nothing extremely exciting so far, but I offer a few of the better ones.

As has been commented a few times, this series is great for butts, but not so good otherwise-- since all the women's faces are hidden, and they are even mostly clothed.
That said, the series up to now has presented a few spectacular butts, but this time nothing has really caught my eye. It seem to have fallen back on the older AV custom of claiming their models have huge butts, but using just skinny models with their rear ends exaggerated through photographic emphasis and distortion... Let's hope the series takes a turn in the right direction...

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