Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Karen Toudou: FAT-004,

Reader Brandt reminds us that yesterday was BBW cosplayer LUU's 27th birthday. We wish her the best for her new year, and hope that this new photobook is an indication of more success in her career! Today I finally got an answer from IMDb about my image links being rejected. The answer: Yes, they do accept those links, be patient, it takes time for them to post. Great. Except that doesn't answer my question: Yes, they have been accepted before, but now they are not, and all the old ones have been removed... Reply was sent, and we can expect another form-letter reply in another month... But, to work:
I was poking around for new subjects to cover here, and came across old favorite, Karen Toudou (藤堂カレン) in a DVD released in September 2011. I started an article on it at Boobpedia before it was released, under my translation  Plump, Busty Woman! Marshmellow Body. The Japanese title is Hamichi hôman joshi! Osamari kiranai mashimaro bôchô body (ハミ乳豊満女子!おさまりきらないマシマロ膨張ボディー; FAT-004). It was directed by Etsuji Saeba (冴場悦治), and released by Fechika (フェ地下) on their "Pocha Queen" (ぽちゃQueen) label. It promises a full 170 minutes of Karen, and nothing but Karen.
Karen Toudou
Here's gorgeous Karen signing disks for the release of this DVD.
The official page has a video clip which starts out promisingly, but seems to freeze every couple seconds. Maybe that's just on my computer...
...Anyway, I wasn't able to get anything too savory, because of the pausing problem, but here are a few snapshots I made from that video clip.
I can't find any real stills from this release online now, but I'm sure I have a lot on my old computer. I'll add them to this post later. Readers of the blog might want to be aware that I do that-- go back and add new pictures or information to old posts as I come across new material. I'll leave this post to be completed with tasty images later after I transfer my Pink film posters over-- probably in a month or so. But more Karen is always worth the wait!

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