Monday, March 4, 2013

Jun is Busting Out All Over: GAS-272

This morning I linked about a dozen and a half posters between Picasaweb & the Blog. During the day I finished transliterating the Shintoho filmography. I still have to sort in a few re-releases for which I can't find the original release title. But for now it's on to another Pink film studio filmography project, maybe Xces... But now, down to business:
Last month we announced Jun Minami (美波じゅん)'s new GAS DVD, Kuikomu! Hamidasu! Yabukeru! Bakunyû bakushiri chiisai fuku paradise 120 - K Minami Jun (食い込む!ハミ出す!破ける! 爆乳爆尻小さい服パラダイス 120-K美波じゅん - "Bite! Expose! Rip! Paradise of Huge Boobs and Ass in Tight Clothes: 120-cm K-cup Jun Minami"; GAS-272), which was released last month on February 23, 2013.
The central conceit of the DVD seems to be that Jun is a young schoolgirl who has suddenly developed her womanly to an extraordinary degree.
Try as she might, and even with help from others, her budding flesh just can't be packed into her old clothing.
Horny teacher notices that she's bursting out of her uniform-- which is against the school dress code.
Some action must be taken in this matter...
...and a little more...
Though we've focused on her front, her rear-end has gotten a bit to big for her britches as well...


  1. Ah! I forgot to mention Monday was LUU's birthday! She turned 27.

    1. Yes it was! I forgot... I guess I should put together a list of my favorite models' birthdays for yearly tributes...