Friday, March 1, 2013

Karen of Moe no Rinjin

Friday night, and I'm pretty soused after a long week. I've had a bit too much Irish whiskey and English ale, but I'll try to get this post out without too many typos & mistakes... I continued with the Pink film poster project today, getting well into 2000. Also continued transliterating the Shintoho filmography, finishing up 2000. I also tested the "Pages" here on Blogger, thinking I'll eventually upload the studio filmographies as pages, with links to the poster/entries for each film...
But enough of that. On to our Boobish selection for the evening. Tonight we have all boobs. No face, no butt, no nothing. Just boobs. But what boobs they are!
Tonight we present Karen. Karen has made two appearances at Tokyo Topless. Her first layout gives her height as 168cm, and measurements 120(L-cup)-67-97(cm).
Her second Tokyo Topless appearance (in the current update, Feb. 16, 2013) has her standing an even more Amazonesque 170cm tall (that's 5'7" to us Yanks), with measurements of 128(M-90)-73-100.
Her profile at Moe no Rinjin, besides touting her obviously impressive physical dimensions, interestingly describes her personality as well. She's said to be enthusiastic, personable, and a good listener. I'm just weird enough that this makes the lady much more attractive in my eyes than she was previously with just the visual evidence...
 She maintains a "Camera Diary" which provides some interesting cleavage images, such as those above.
The soapland review site, Golden Tops, provides an interview with an image gallery, and a video clip in wmv format for downloading. Both highly recommended.The gist of the interview is that Karen has very big tits-- they are an L-cup during the interview-- they're sensitive and she enjoys having them played with, and they're a big draw for the club... nothing earth-shatteringly or unexpected... And with my post submitted, I crawl off to more booze, and a '30s Western maybe...

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