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Bomber Girl Mariko

My computer time today was spent translating and sorting those gay Pink Films from yesterday. They're all ready to be copied over and cleaned, and I think I'll start that project either tonight or tomorrow. Probably most of the week will be involved in the cleaning, then I can start uploading the new images after that...

Tonight's visit with Mariko Morikawa reviews her work with Akira Takatsuki and his Cinema Unit GAS studio. Mariko first worked for Takatsuki in the video, The Bomber Tits Vol. 1: Mariko Morikawa: B104 75I-cup (ザ・爆乳vol.1 森川まりこ B104 75I - The bakunyû vol.1 Morikawa Mariko B104 75I; MC-44). The Japlish blurb on the video cover promises, "Ultra heavy melon bomb attack to your cock". While we Japanese BBW fans must honor Mariko as one of the first offerings the Japanese AV industry made for our tates, this video deserves special respect from us. 
There is some confusion on the order of release of these videos, and I'm not sure which of the two  here (above or below) is the original release and which is the re-release. Proof that they are indeed the same video is in the back covers. In the one above, the image at lower right is the same as the one at top, middle on the cover below. According to Arzon, this video, with the cover above, was released on December 14, 1994 by Big Morkal / Muscat. However this cover gives the "Q-cup" gimmick, while the one below gives the "I-cup", which has been claimed to be the original measurement, given by Mariko herself. (Later publicity claims she was low-balling her measurement out of modesty.) Just in doing research for this post, however, I have discovered that Big Morkal is still in existence, and has an official entry for the video, which gives the release date as August 17, 1994-- making this Mariko's SECOND release. Some articles state it's her first, though this has always been confusing because of the December release date reported by Arzon & other retailers.

The cover above, VCA / D-Cup (TFC-4001) is given a reported release date of September 2004 at AV-Channel, and April 13, 2003 here. Since the I-cup is reported on this cover, but the Q-cup on the one above, this is increasingly looking like the original release. All confusion aside, it seems pretty certain that this is video is the inaugural release in Takatsuki's legendary early big-bust Bomber Girl series. As such, this video, is the origin of the Cinema Unit GAS company, without which the Japanese big-bust and BBW genre would not exist. The very term bakunyû ("bomber boobs" / huge boobs) originates with this first video in this seminal series... The Japanese BBW genre was born here. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of history. Please remove your hats and observe a moment of silence in gratitude...

Mariko remains closely associated with the early history of the Bomber Boobs / Bomber Girl / Bakunyû series. She also starred in the sixth release, The Bomber Girl Vol. 6: Mariko Morikawa 124cm 80-Q (ザ・爆乳vol.6 森川まりこ - The bakunyû vol. 6 Morikawa Mariko; VCA / D-Cup; TFC-4009), also directed by Takatsuki. The only accurate release date I can find is April 13, 2003, which must be a re-release. Based on established release dates for surrounding videos in The Bomber Girl series, we can guestimate the original release as mid-1990s.

The front cover to the VCA / Monroe (VCA / モンロー) compilation video, The bakunyû: Deluxe Bomber Girls (ザ・爆乳 DELUXE BOMBER GIRLS; MO-002; September 27, 1996) features an image from Mariko's first Bomber Girl appearance.
Mariko remains associated with Cinema Unit GAS' roots to this day. For the February 26, 2010 compilation DVD, which exploited the new relaxing of mosaic laws, Bakunyû best 4-jikan: Shin kijun mosaic de yomigaeru bakunyû joyû-tachi < aka-ban > (爆乳ベスト4時間  新基準モザイクで甦る爆乳女優たち<赤盤>); GAS-156). The official GAS page generously offers a a video clip, which I can't get to load, since my memory stick is almost full, and I don't want to download it on the family's shared hard disk, but I assume Mariko is in it...
 Here is a closer look at the image of Mariko seen on the video cover.

This shot from the promotional clip to the June 2012 self-nipple-licking GAS compilation, Self chikubi name onanii 4-jikan (セルフ乳首舐めオナニー4時間; GAS-248) advertises 25 girls from the Bomber Girl era. Mariko is used as the representative of the classic era.

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