Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Satsuki Anzai - TIA-023

Tonight's review from the great Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series image find is To Love the Blazing Chubby Beauty: Satsuki Anzai (激ぽちゃ爆乳美人を愛す - Geki pocha bakunyuu bijin wo aisu: Anzai Satsuki; TIA-023; August 25, 2008). Not officially part of the series, but related, by having also been put out by Radix / Tiara.
Satsuki Anzai (安西さつき), the star, is quite a hefty handful, with a pretty, smiling face.
We met Satsuki previously as one of the participants in a post in June 2012, covering the great BBW wrasslin' bout of July & August 2009.
I find it hard not to be attracted to any chubby Asian lady, and Satsuki is very attractive. But she has just a little bit too much belly for my taste. I don't care much for the four-boob look, much less the six Satsuki demonstrates above...
...although this is a minor quibble, and one which which would be quickly forgotten in the heat of battle, whether on the receiving end...
...or on the attacking...

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