Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catching Up with Bombom Ojisan

In preparation for the much-anticipated unveiling of MAGURO's Kaori, let's catch up on the activities for the last two months of Bombom Ojisan over at Bombom Cherry-- at which studio we now know-- or strongly suspect-- the aforementioned Kaori has a past history.
Two DVDs were released on January 1, 2013. The first was a lactation video-- not one of my particular fetishes-- but one which I can understand, from an intellectual standpoint, for the fan of boobs. That is what boobs are made for, after all... I suppose I admire them more for their aesthetic values than their utilitarian purposes. Regardless, Dokusen! Totetsumonai bonyû funsha! Hattori shinjin J-cup! Atari kamawazu tobichirimasu! 108-cm Wakana 22-sai (独占! とてつもない母乳噴射! 初撮り新人Jカップ! あたりかまわず飛び散ります! 108センチわかな22才; BOMC-054) stars the well-stocked, titular 22-year-old J-cup girl, Wakana, and fans of lactation should be well-served with her spectacular efforts in that area.
We visited the next DVD in in a post last month, it stars Uncle Bombom's Kaori-- N-cup Kaori-- not to be confused with MAGURO'S Kaori-- Masked Kaori. Masked Kaori, it turns out, ALSO worked for Bombom Ojisan, but under the name Ibuki... This DVD is titled Dokusen! Kiseki no N-cup Kaori chônyû cosplay! Bikini! 113-cm 19-sai (独占! 奇跡のNカップかおり 超乳コスプレ!ビキニ! 113センチ19才; BOMC-055), and was also released on the first day of this year.
Another two BomBom Ojisan DVDs are scheduled for release on February 1, 2013. Uncle Bombom seems to value quantity more than quality when it comes to boob-size, so most of his models are not much to look at, above the chest. And the chests themselves tend to be just big, not particularly attractive. Marika, however, the star of the DVD now under consideration, is a prettier model than usual for Ojisan. She has both beautiful breasts and a beautiful face, though the latter, as is typical with Bombom, is mostly hidden in the sample images. The DVD is titled
Dokusen! Hattori! Inaka musume J-cm 18-sai! Chô binyû! 102-cm Marika (独占! 初撮り! 田舎娘Jカップ18才!超美乳!102センチ まりか; BOMC-056).

And for the final DVD, we're back to Kaori-- N-cup Kaori. She has an enormous bosom, but not a very attractive one. Her face does not seem to be unattractive, but it is fogged out. The title of this final DVD is Dokusen! Kiseki no N-cup Kaori tondemonai! Mitakotonai! Chônyû paizuri! 113-cm 20-sai (独占! 奇跡のNカップかおり とんでもない!見たことない! 超乳パイズリ!113センチ 20才; BOMC-057).

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