Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monthly GAS Attack: May 2013; GAS-283-285

I spent my IMDb / Pink Film worktime today uploading new images for 1994 films-- mostly VHS/DVD covers, a few posters & stills.
For Boobpdian interest, today we look in at the latest offerings from Cinema Unit GAS, all due out on May 18. First off the hopper is another "Scout" video, in which our intrepid director, Akira Takatsuki, travels the country in search of impressive bosoms. This entry in the series, Zenkoku & America bakunyû scout caravan 5: Ôsaka kawaii 102-H ero-i 120-J Tôkyô 127-L America 95-I (全国&アメリカ爆乳スカウトキャラバン5 大阪可愛い102Hエロい120J東京127Lアメリカ95-I; GAS-283), has the unique feature of a trip to America, and a visit with, as far as I know, GAS' first African-American model. A video sample is available for download at the homepage.
The next, video, Kyodaina shiri to bakunyû de chijoru! Minami Jun (巨大な尻と爆乳で痴女る! 美波じゅん; GAS-284) stars popular GAS model, Jun Minami, who seems to have become Hana Uehara's successor as fullest-figured regular GAS model. A WMV video sample is available at the site.
The third and last of May's offerings stars Nayu Satsuki, whom we met in last month's post on GAS. Titled Deka-bra wakazuma: Satsuki Nayu: Tanomaretara kotowarenai, nan demo yurushite kureru M-cup (デカブラ若妻 沙月なゆ 頼まれたら断れない、なんでも許してくれるMカップ; GAS-285), a video sample can be seen at the homepage. All three of these videos have very tempting models, and so we may look at one or all of these videos in more detail as more images become available later...

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