Saturday, April 13, 2013

Naho Hazuki JAMS

Tonight we again look at an actress working for the fine folks at MAGURO/JAMS. Naho Hazuki (葉月菜穂 / 葉月奈穂) had a long, popular and prolific career before joining this big-girl specialist label. According to her Japanese Wikipedia article she has been around since 2005, debuting as an H-cup (88-57-94cm) model for S-1. These images from early in her career show her as a petite, but busty young thing who would not have gained much attention from this blog. After maturing and filling out a bit over the half-decade, she began working with JAMS in 2011.
 Her debut DVD with JAMS appears to be Huge Buttocks Big Tits! Meaty Battle Style Fellatio Lady (爆尻巨乳!肉闘派フェラレディ - (Bakujiri kyonyuu! Nikutouha fera-redi; SND-45; April 2011), which has an article at Boobpedia. Follow the link for further information.
Apparently her first work with director MAGURO was in , Hazuki Naho no cosplay party: Nikuyoku mara-gui chijo (葉月菜穂のコスプレパーティー 肉欲マラ喰い痴女; MAGURO-018), which was released in June 2011.
She worked for MAGURO again in Hazuki Naho no zenkai nikuyoku roshutsu: Ero-sugiru karada ni yûwaku sareppanashi! (葉月菜穂の全開肉欲露出 エロすぎる身体に誘惑されっぱなしっ!; MAGURO-022; November 2011).
The official homepage offers a video clip in which she parades around still too skinny for my tastes, but plenty busy and showing signs of putting on some flesh.
The change in focus from her boobs to her butt as a main attraction indicates that she is now beginning to venture into mature/BBW territory.
In Pocha-muchi bodikon bar (ぽちゃむちボディコンBAR; OONIKU-009; December 2012), she joined the likes of Kaori, whose appearance in this DVD we covered in a post last December. Naho was also part of the previous release in the series, OONIKU-008.
Naho Hazuki in OONIKU-009
For pure voluptuousness, Naho may be no match for Masked Kaori, but when taking the face into account, Naho certainly holds her own...
The first entry in the UTOPIA series, other entries of which we have covered before (Tamaki Yasuoka appearing in UTOPIA-003). This debut of the series was released on January 25, 2013.
Muchimuchi no seido hanayome: Hazuki Naho (ムチムチの性奴花嫁 葉月菜穂).
And Hazuki's most recent appearance, Baburii bodikon gyaru nikudan shichi henge Hazuki Naho (バブリーボディコンギャル肉弾七変化 葉月菜穂; BABURU-001), due out April 21, 2013, is another series premier, being the first in the BABURU- series.
The images available on this one so far show her taking a further step closer to BBW territory. Look at the thighs on that girl! Let's hope Naho-chan's fine work in this area progresses.


  1. I recognized the same. But i don't know how can she increase her thighs and legs. By the way, her ass and breast is still small for comparing with BBW standard.

    1. True... JAMS has a lot of tall & thin models lately who don't interest me... Her thighs convinced me to dedicate the post on Naho... I do like thick thighs...

  2. Naho works as a prostitute also in Tokyo. Since she's a name, it's something like $200-$300 just for an hour with her. She does some stripping/hostessing at a club with the name "dragon" in it.


    1. Hi Anonymous, and welcome to the blog!

      You would like to see a post covering MAGURO-022? I had only intended to review Naho's career here, but will look into it-- MAGURO DVDs are almost always worth a review! Regards.

  4. I would like to unburden the movie maguro-022
    Thank you.