Friday, April 26, 2013

Masked Kaori: MAGURO-042

I've been neglecting this blog of late to concentrate on getting caught up in the Pink Film / IMDb work. Yesterday I finished submitting information for all the Pink Films released in 1993, and started collecting data for next month's project: 1994. Since I lost a month in March, I've got to make up a month in the remaining eight months of 2013 in order to stay on my schedule, catching up to where I had worked back to, from 2012, to 2003. I meant to catch up on the lost days in this blog, but I'm too far behind now. I'll try to find another series / career retrospective, since they seem to help with the daily posting here.
But for tonight, as you can see above, we have a happy announcement: Statuesque Masked Kaori has a new release out. Entitled Boin musô: Bosei ni afureru hôman na haha niku ni kai toriko (ボイン無双 母性に溢れる豊満な母肉に皆トリコ; MAGURO-042) it was released on April 21, 2013.

Despite having one of the most awe-inspiring bodies in the Japanese AV world, Kaori's face leaves a bit to be desired, which accounts for the mask.
Kaori was originally in BomBom Ojisan's stable of supernaturally-busty babes. We covered this discovery in a January post in which Masked Kaori was found to be (within reasonable doubt), BomBom Ojisan's Ibuki. Ojisan doesn't concern himself much with face-quality, especially since the model's faces, being "amateurs", are usually digitally fogged-out.

Kaori's boobs, while certainly world-class spectacular, do not appear to be the sole focus of attention in this outing. She does a little gardening, above, the better to display her eye-catching rear attributes.

This gentleman, caught up in the shock and awe of the rear view, ventures around to indulge in a look from the front.

In keeping with what seem to be the focus of most of my recent posts, Kaori's thighs are also shown here to be nothing to sneeze at.

A close-up bears out that this lady has thighs to compete with some of the best-- Yuuki Manaka comes to mind...

I enjoy doing longer posts with more research involved, but since I'm making a push on the IMDb / Pink Film project these days-- which I think is important-- I may just start doing quickies here every night.

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  1. wow. her body is wonderful. i expect she will unmash while she will be acting in one film on someday!