Monday, April 29, 2013

Karen Sasaki: UTOPIA-004

I finished getting the poster/image links into the workfile, then submitted my first 1994 Pink Films to IMDb today. And so we venture on to another year of this fascinating, indie-softcore-porn-auteur film genre which Japan has raised to an artform....
But in Boobish news, on May 17, a new Utopia release, starring Karen Sasaki, is due out. Ingyaku na bakunyû fujin Karen (淫虐な爆乳婦人 かれん; UTOPIA-004). I think we have looked into each release on this label so far, which indicates it's a label tailored to our own special preferences... I don't have much to add here yet, and I'm busy on IMDB work anyway, but for now... look at the cover, and imagine the pleasure to be enjoyed therein...


  1. could you give us your work links on IMDb?

    1. Hi Co_Phong... When I first started this blog, I would list all the titles I worked on at IMDb for each day, but that got to be tedious, and interfered with the main attraction here-- the BBWs... I'll see if I can think of a way to show that work here without distracting from the girls...