Monday, April 8, 2013

Yeda, Yeda...

Tonight we look further into the career of the beautiful, busty Korean model Yeda (예다 / エタ), whose charms are on display above.
I found most of the images here at Korean sites, and, though I gripe about Japanese sites blocking, deleting, and refusing to allow archiving, I'm impressed once again how accessible the Japanese adult entertainment world is to us offshore fans.
I lived in Korea 20 years ago, and found plenty of Pink Film-type entertainment, and even hardcore available if you knew where to look. But to search for such stuff on Korean sites even now (when, I assume, there is an even more liberal amount of such entertainment) turns up very skimpy of much interest...
The only Korean video I could find with Yeda was called Big-Boob Maid Service (왕가슴 가정부의 서비스 - Wang-gaseum gajeong bu-eui service). I only found it mentioned in blogs, no official listing... The very thin, model-type image is still almost the exclusive standard of beauty in Korea, at least as far as I've seen, so even a busty girl like Yeda getting publicity is a welcome rarity.
There are lots of big girls, Korean American, and, fewer, in Korea too... but they don't get held up as paragons of beauty. Gorgeous, feisty, busty BBW Korean-American golfer Christine Kim comes to mind as a definite subject for a future post. Click here for a brief Youtube interview clip with her which will give you an idea of what I'm talking about..

But back to the subject at hand, I really have no idea of Yeda's career. She does seem to be Korean-- meaning she's from Korea, and appears in Korean media-- but she does have a following in Japan. Whether her Japanese videos are made-in-Japan, or imported and sub/dubbed, I don't know.. Above we have what appears to be the follow-up to last night's video. Other actresses in this one include "Kanna" - カンナ) and "Eunmin" (ウンミン)...It's titled Sei Kan movie Vol 02 ~ kairaku office love ~ (性韓ムービー Vol02 ~快楽オフィスLOVE~)and was released January 25, 2013.
Above is what appears to be another video starring Yeda-- though I can't be sure, and I don't have any info on the video. If it is, then she's a Japanese G-cup.
These last few images are from an American site, and they are all watermarked / it indicates a mission of providing service for the international community.My computer was giving me "Untrusted site" warnings when I tried to investigate it, so it remains uncharted territory. A Google image search on the site reveals a lot of pretty, but typically skinny girls. About the only thing that perked my own interest were a couple girls wearing glasses...

...And one last parting glance at Yeda, we bid her farewell for now. I found several dozen images at this site, and will share more later if there's much demand...

My look into the Korean fuller-figured/adult world while researching this post, as usual, turned up very, very little of interest. This is unfortunate since Korean women are quite exquisite, and larger, huskier Korean women abound, and are beautiful... I've seen several big girls on Korean TV shows, though they're usually used only as comic relief... Korean trends in pop culture tend to run about 20 years behind Japan, so we can only hope that appreciation of the larger lady improves eventually...


  1. Hello friends, nice post and nice urging commented at this place, I am in fact enjoying by these.
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    1. Welcome to the blog. Glad you're enjoying the sights. Good luck on your site too! -- Dekk

  2. What's the AV situation like in Korea? Much like China, India and well basically any country that doesn't allow it, I think there's a goldmine of busty women ready to be shown to the world.

    Would love to see a video of this girl.

    1. Hi Fumiefan-- I didn't notice you'd made several comments... I lived in Korea over 20 years ago, so times no doubt have changed. When I was there, they had a healthy AV industry... "healthy" in that you could find AVs in most video stores. The ones I saw were similar to Japan's softcore Pink films. For as conservative a country as it is, Korea actually has a pretty proud history of erotic film. Their "Ero" productions in the '80s helped keep the domestic film industry alive during its most difficult times. The President actually encouraged the making of erotic films to keep the public diverted from political troubles :-) Again, these were softcore, similar to Pink... Popular genres were "Folk erotic" represented by series like Sanddalgi/"Mountain Strawberries" (a euphemism for nipples), and contemporary eroticism, the most popular being Ema-buin ("Madam Ema" - Ema being a pun on "loves horses")... There were also hardcore videos which could be found if you know where to go... I'd like to write more about Korean erotic cinema, which is quite an interesting topic, but it is very difficult to get any information on it outside of Korea...

    2. I really think there is a goldmine of possible AV actresses coming out of Korea in the future. I hope they learn from Japan and legalize it. Though, China is by far the golden goose of asian countries getting into AV.

      If you find any really busty korean girls, please post them!

    3. Hi again Fumie-- As far as I understood, these Pinkie-type AVs were legal in Korea even when I was there in the late '80s, early '90s... Japanese AVs of that time were in the Pink-film style too, so, as far as explicitness, the Korean ones were pretty equivalent to Japan's at the time. Korea has continued to liberalize in the decades since I lived there, so I wouldn't be surprised if their AVs were on a par with Japan's-- but just a much smaller industry, and better-hidden from the outside world...

      I started a Boobpedia article on the one busty Korean AV actress whose work I saw in the early '90s, but other than a newspaper clipping I'd saved from Korea, it was impossible to find any information...

      The video of hers I saw was called "Seoul Bangeumnyeon" (서울 반금련) or "Seoul Golden Lotus".

      Certainly, I'd be interested in researching the Korean scene more, later on. Maybe I'll take a look at some of the classic "Ero" films to start with, then see what's going on today AV-wise.

  3. Dekkappai, where can i buy a copy of seoul bangeumnyeon? There is very little information about this film online. Thanks.

    1. Hi Charles,
      I'm afraid that's probably next-to impossible. I saw it in Korea, in 1992 or '93... it was at all the video rental shops at the time. The very little info you've seen online was probably provided by me, from memory, and from that one little newspaper clipping I saved... If I were on a real quest to get a copy, I'd go to Seoul and hunt old video shops... (And I doubt very much I'd have any luck...) Sorry to offer so little hope...

  4. 申基俊

  5. hello
    is there the movie "Sei Kan movie Vol 02 ~ kairaku office love ~ (性韓ムービー Vol02 ~快楽オフィスLOVE~)" you got or not ?

    many thanks

    1. Hello,

      No, I don't have that video, but here it is listed at Japanese Amazon:

      Hope this helps!