Tuesday, April 30, 2013

IMDB & Marimo Momoi; 4/30/13

Marimo Momoi
Wife's Perverted Beauty Salon 1999 re-release
I'm still working hard on contributing Pink Film material to IMDb, so don't have much time to devote to putting together a lengthy, researched post here. I added some information to the entry for Hitozuma hentai biyoshitsu (aka Wife's Perverted Beauty Salon), and submitted three new films today: Higi shijû hatte: Makura-e no onna, Chôinran: Teisôtai fujin, and Asemamire no panty. All these films were originally released in 1994... The vision of loveliness you see above and below are Marimo Momoi, whom we have visited in the past, most thoroughly on September 8 of last year.

Marimo Momoi
And a more lovely woman it will be very difficult to find... Sweet dreams!

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