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KBCK-024: Venus Anadyomene: A longer peek

My Sex Report: Intensities (1976)
Last week I watched half of the latest Roman Porno offering at MyDuckIsDead, Chûsei Sone's My Sex Report: Intensities (Watashi no sex-hakusho; 1976)-- it didn't impress me me much, though it looked well-done enough that I do intend to finish it tonight. I didn't quite follow the plot-- maybe I was just tired. It had to do with a low-life thug with gambling debts to yakuza, and his girlfriend who would pay off that debt by "performing"-- I didn't get far enough in it to find out what sort of "performances" were meant-- on stage, or in bed...

The main excitement in my IMDb work has been the very, very slow progress on the Pink Film Award. Most of the awards for 1989 are now up, though I still don't think I've mastered the format, and I definitely still have not figured out how to submit information such as time and place of the ceremony. About three days ago I submitted the 1990 information in a new format which I think might be the best, but I'll have to wait until it gets posted to see. If it works out, I'll reformat the existing data, and then forge ahead, full-steam on the rest of the data-- which I'm now preparing offline for future submission.
Tamaki Yasuoka in UTOPIA-003
In BBW-hunting news, I have stumbled upon not one, but TWO treasure troves full of new JAV BBW videos. So all my BBW online time for the past week or more has been spent downloading, categorizing, getting DVD cover images, and taking notes for future posts and/or Boobpedia/IMDb submissions for these videos. New videos I have been able to add to my collection have helped me to fill in gaps in my favorites series: IZM, JAMS and Cinema Unit GAS studios, and include ones starring such all-time favorites as Karen Toudou, Usagi Minagi, Karen Sasaki, Iori Kuroki, and Tamaki Yasuoka. Above, we have the cover to UTOPIA-003 starring the estimable Ms. Yasuoka under her alias, Tomomi Nagamine... A splendid JAV BBW video now freshly in the Dekkappedlian archives, and ready for review!
All this has left me no time to work on an actual video review for this Sunday night. So instead, let's "review" a little clip from a video that I found during this recent hunting expedition. If anyone remembers my post titled "Venus Anadyomene", from the early days of this blog-- way back on September 14, 2011, I stumbled across a 3-minute clip of just this section of the candid-camera video, KBCK-024, and so have finally got a chance to view that lady in motion.
Chikan to nozoki: Shitagi mania (1992)
But first, a note about nozoki. I often complain about some technique or aesthetic of the Japanese adult entertainment, but nozoki is one I definitely do like. (Above we see the poster to the 1992 nozoki-themed Pink film Chikan to nozoki: Shitagi mania in its 2011 re-release as Hitozuma no nozoki-kata: Yogoreta shitagi o nerae. Not a Pink Film Award-winner, but one entry in the long-running "Molester and Peeper" series.) Nozoki is the "Peeping Tom" theme that appears in many JAVs, and even in mainstream films, since it's an image with a long history in Japanese literature and art. For example, often in a JAV we will see a couple going at their sexual activities, then the camera will pull back to reveal a "peeper" just behind the shoji, sneaking a peak from behind the door, or outside, peeking through a window. Besides adding a touch of naughty playfulness to an already erotic scene, it puts the viewer/voyeur into the picture-- as "peepers" ourselves, by watching the film or video, it puts us, the audience, in the scene.
Nozoki-- Korean style, from Kim Ki-young's The Housemaid (1960)
Like so many cultural traits-- and despite their steadfast denial-- I found similar themes in Korean culture when I lived there. My wife tells me that the practice of wetting one's finger to poke a peep-hole through the paper shoji-- a common scene in Japanese peeping-- was also common in Korea when she was young, and that she and her sister peeped at the birth of their youngest brother this way. For a terrific example of nozoki from Korean cinema, look at the scene above, from wacky genius filmmaker, Kim Ki-young's masterpiece, The Housemaid, (下女 - Hanyeo; 1960). I recommend this creepy, feverishly-erotic film for anyone interested in Asian cinema. I swear with just a little more explicitness it could have been an early Pink film, and yet it was made-- in conservative Korea-- two years before the first Pink film was made in Japan!
An attention-grabber... let's peek for a while!
...But I digress... Nozoki, or peeping, is the theme of the KBCK/BBP Eizo series, to which the scene we look at tonight belongs. This makes it a series in which I have a high interest. Through the camera, we get to vicariously spy on chubby women, busty women, or various other types of women, depending on the theme of the video, as they go about their daily activities in public. Unfortunately I have only been able to see one complete video in this series: KBCK-009, which I reviewed on 5/19/13 and 5/20/13. One peek at the image above tells you what type of lady is being peeped at in this particular video: Big-booby girls at the beach!
Close-up from the DVD cover: False advertising?
Let's take a closer look at the DVD cover that tempted us to this clip in the first place. Above we see the image cropped and cleaned from the DVD cover, which I used for my 2011 post on the girl we peep at tonight. Judging from this image, she is supernaturally busty. Hence three years of dreaming of seeing more of this voluptuous lady.
The original-- impressive, but not as enormous as advertised
But a comparison with the actual scene from the actual video shows that, though plenty big and bouncy, she's within the realm of the possible. It looks like there has been some false advertisement at work on the cover, in the way of digital enhancement. Nevertheless, her chest is indeed quite worthy of our peepish attentions. So, without further ado, let us proceed.
We don't get very many good looks at her face, but when we do, we see she is not at all unattractive. She's not fashion-model pretty, but has a good, plain, strong, working-class girl look about her. One of those "Imamura girls" that I like so much.
Boobs in flight!
At a couple of spots during the clip, she runs, and the bounce-age is most spectacular indeed. Her boobs flop around so freely that it seems like she's intentionally trying to have them shake loose.
Get back into position, boys!
Indeed her energetic rambunctiousness causes her considerable trouble in keeping them in their place. She has to stop and adjust her bra a few times, which she does without any self-consciousness, though she appears to be at a crowded public beach.
Do not adjust your set...
She doesn't seem shy about adjusting them at all-- further leading to the impression of an earthy "Imamura" type girl. She's not a teasing, pretty girl-type flirt, she's just a simple country girl with a natural, healthy sexuality.
She squats down several times, giving a free view of her cleavage, while she plays in the muddy sand. She manages to get some on her chest, though we don't get to see how this is achieved.
Tempting gravity
Once she's down, she has a tendency to jump up out of the water suddenly, with the weight of her water-logged boobs causing enough stress on her bikini top that it looks like at least one of them is about to flop completely out.
All of this uninhibited frolicking around gives the impression that she is a very young girl, just having sprouted those two amazing orbs, not yet quite comfortable in her newly-blossomed body, but still proudly, if unconsciously, showing it off.
I still hope to see the entire KBCK-024 video eventually, but I'm glad I found this three-minute clip first. Just three minutes with this young lady are well worth the close examination which requires a full post!

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