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R-cup Hitomi: PPUD-003

The Video

Tonight's DVD review is an easy one for me, since I've watched it so many times I have it memorized. I know where all my favorite spots are. No need to bookmark them on my computer, since I have them bookmarked in my brain. I don't want to spoil any surprises for first-time readers of this post, but, obviously, this one's going to get high marks. So, just sit back and enjoy the description.
Chapter menu
The title of this masterpiece is 145cm R-cup HITOMI (PPUD-003), and it was released on September 19, 2009 by the Oppai label. Oppai ("Titties") is a label for which I had very high hopes when it first started out in April 2008, but for some reason usually disappoints me. Rather than BBWs, it seems to focus more on skinny girls with big boobs. They are nice, but they don't have that special magic that the BBWs have. In November of 2008, Oppai started their BBW-themed Ultra Mania (PPUD) series, of which tonight's DVD is the third release, but they have released very few DVDs under that prefix.
Smiling Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku in PPUD-001, not to be confused with tonight's more sombre Hitomi

First of all, let's address the question of who the model is. Some sites identify this Hitomi as Hitomi Matsumoto, though she is clearly different. Hitomi Matsumoto (above) is a cutie, but she is chubbier, has crooked teeth, her face is obviously different, and she has a bright, smiling personality which is quite different from the Hitomi under consideration tonight. Perhaps some of the confusion is caused by the fact that Hitomi Matsumoto did appear for the OPPAI label, on the very first "Ultra Mania" / PPUD-prefix DVD under her alias, MOZUKU (モズク). We reviewed that DVD on May 21st and May 22nd, 2013. The Oppai site has a separate profile for the two girls, Matsumoto/Mozuku is 163cm tall, measurements 140(Q-cup)-84-90cm, while tonight's Hitomi is 172cm tall, with measurements 145(R-cup)-88-112cm. This is a BIG girl.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

Hitomi approacheth
The video starts out on a rather inauspicious note. First we get a lovely look at this extraordinary woman walking around her neighborhood, but she doesn't look happy at all. This bit doesn't go on very long, but it could go longer. Just watching a big, beautiful girl walking around, fully clothed, is always an entrancing sight.
A totally word-less interview
Next we get an interview, during which Hitomi looks very uncomfortable, and never speaks. She answers only with silent, embarrassed nods of her head, as the camera pans around her magnificent bust. The man asking the questions then begins squeezing her boobs. This leads us to expect a very dull video, if Hitomi is going to remain so awkward and reluctant throughout. But don't worry. Whatever her problem is, she seems to forget it when she gets into bed with a partner.
Get a load of those thighs!
The interviewer hands her a red negligee to put on, and as she gets up to get into bed, our eagle-eye zooms in on a brief glimpse of her thighs. They are nearly as impressive as her bust. This is a truly monumental woman, a worthy subject of a sculpture by Gaston Lachaise.
The fun is about to begin
The interviewer tapes Hitomi's hands behind her back and fondles her boobs from behind. This is a common situation in Japanese AV, though not one I enjoy a lot. Hitomi makes this even less enjoyable by keeping her lovely face hidden with her hair through most of this activity,
The unveiling; let the fun begin!
Once the guy moves up front, however, we get our first sight of her magnificent mammaries-- and they are simply stupendous! With the jolt of adrenaline inspired by this unveiling, the video jumps into high gear and stays there till the end.
Waiting for a change in wardrobe
The next scene starts with Hitomi, clothed in a tight blue dress, seated while the camera admires her from various angles. The interviewer gives her a new outfit to put on.
The classic Japanese art of nozoki... "Peeping Tom" in the Queen's English...
We get to spy on her while she changes clothes. This is a very nice little scene which could go on much longer as far as I am concerned. Spying on a big girl changing her clothes or otherwise nude is one of those situations that really pleases me.
The new wardrobe is about to come off
The purpose of putting the outfit on, of course, is to take it off. And a gentleman arrives on the scene to do just that, leading to our first sex scene. Any previous reservations about Hitomi's ability to perform are quickly laid to rest. Her body alone would make the video worth watching. Even if she just laid there and did nothing with that incredible pair of boobs, that big, soft belly, and sexy-cool face, any fan of Asian BBW-dom should be more than satisfied with just those raw materials. But when she is nude and gets into the action, Hitomi's previous sullenness quickly subsides.
Hitomi starts to get into the swing of things
The sex starts with some thorough boob-play and sucking, with the guy fingering her. Hitomi coos in ecstasy, though we apparently never do get to hear her real voice, since she never said a word in the interview, and the dub-over squealing girl takes over at this point. Surprisingly, given her previous extreme shyness, Hitomi then launches into some very enthusiastic fellatio. Though I don't care for such scenes, Hitomi remains on her back, so that, rather than skip the scene, we can just ignore the pixeled-out member, and remain fixated on her glorious boobs.
One of many excellent POV shots in this video
A straight missionary-position scene ensues. These scenes, showing us the guy's ass and not much of the woman, underneath, can be less than enthralling, but again, with Hitomi in the act-- what red-blooded Asian BBW-admirer wouldn't want to imagine himself right there in that spot? The director skillfully positions the performers and camera so that we get a full view of Hitomi and the guy is minimized off the side of the screen. During this scene, we get some close-ups on  Hitomi's crotch, showing us that she has shaved.
POV one-boobed and two-boobed paizuri
At 56 minutes, the scene changes to show us Hitomi-san now completely nude, in bed performing a variation on paizuri, in which she just rubs the guy's dick with one boob at a time. This goes on to a fellatio scene which is filmed in a more traditional, and less satisfactory, than the one before, followed up by a more traditional paizuri.
Shower time!
Hitomi steps into the shower for a couple minutes, giving us some nice views of her flopping her huge, voluminous boobs around while soaped up. The camera is unusually restless during the shower, never giving us a look at the whole lady, but close-ups on face, and body parts. When this is done too much, it annoys me. But since it's only done in this brief scene in this video, it actually makes a nice change of pace. We do get a nice look at the whole package when she steps out to dry off.
Please allow me to assist you with those, madam...
Next comes a legendary scene in the annals of Japanese BBW fandom. This part can be found around the Net. It's a boob-massage-from-behind scene, which, again, I don't usually care for, but the model makes this one spectacular to behold.
Fellatio soon to follow... but who's looking at her mouth?
A brief bit of fellatio provides us with another image that should be seared into the memory of any true Japanese BBW fan. Hitomi is seated, with her gorgeous body completely visible while she does the job.
The view from above is heavenly...
Hitomi then gets on her back for a nice, long session of missionary-position boob- and belly-flopping. The director skillfully keeps Hitomi at the center of his attention. The man is mostly unseen and off-screen, even when he's instigating the action. And that's just the way I like it!
...but the view from below is Heaven!
At this point in the video, one iconic image follows another. Next, Hitomi gets up on top of her partner for a cowgirl ride to go down in history. First we get this POV scene for the ages.
Then the camera comes out for an incredible, objective view of the proceedings. There is a brief bit of nakadashi and more fellatio, which I could do without, but it is short enough not to interfere with the enjoyment of Hitomi-san's loveliness.
After this monumental scene, Hitomi heads back to the shower, sudsing off the equipment. Some strange lighting, camera angles, and distortion mar this just slightly, but, at 8 minutes long, it still gives us plenty of nice imagery.
A lady in a towel
We're next treated to the sight of post-shower Hitomi all wrapped up in a towel, before she launches into the next sex scene: a threesome.
One guy works on her nether regions, while the other gets the enviable task of sucking her boobs.
A very nice straight, missionary-position sex scene follows.
Renoir should have painted this!
The video culminates in what is possibly the most incredibly beautiful cowgirl scene I have ever scene-- and I do love a good cowgirl scene. Look at that! That, ladies and gentlemen, is a work of art. And, after an appropriate climax, thus concludes this extremely satisfying video.

The Opinion

Where are you, beautiful moonlight Madonna!
Most of the success for this video, obviously, is due to the unbelievably spectacular model: Mysterious Hitomi. Not only is she big, she is absolutely beautiful. It's a real tragedy that this exquisitely beautiful BBW appears to have starred in only this one DVD. She is listed in the cast of PPPD-085, but this appears to be an anthology video, and-- though I find no images of Hitomi's appearance in it-- I wouldn't be surprised if her part were just a selection from the DVD we are reviewing tonight.
I get the impression, from the early, nervous interview scenes, that Hitomi was reluctant to do the video. However, if this was the case, she certainly knows how to enjoy her sex. By the middle of the video, she's not only moaning and groaning authentically, her face is covered in sweat as she goes through her gyrations. This girl is not faking it!
High praise must be given to director Nobuhiko Akagi for not fouling it up, as we have seen happen with some videos. His shots are all perfectly-framed, the performers' positions set up to show off Hitomi to her best advantage. No unnecessary artsiness at all is apparent here, and-- even as a fan of Pink film-- I am glad that there are no story or plot side-dishes here to distract from the main course: A hefty helping of Hitomi!
Ride 'em, Hitomi!
Unlike some videos, which force me to search around for the good stuff, this video has one awe-inspiring image after another. There is very little wasted footage in these two hours. There are only a few mandatory pixeled-out close-ups on crotches, but mostly Hitomi's unbelievable body remains front and center, from start to finish, perfectly displayed, and a joy to behold.
Because I am not usually impressed by the output of the OPPAI studio, but I am very impressed by this little opus, maybe we should look into the director: Nobuhiko Akagi (赤木伸彦). I don't find much information about him online. His Arzon profile lists only three videos-- one of them starring Japanese BBW/big-boob legend Iori Kuroki. Some search results indicate that there may be some connection with the work of big-bust hero, BomBom Ojisan, but this could also just be joining of the name due to a shared interest in enormous boobs.
Akagi definitely makes this video the high-quality production it is. In shot after shot, he picks just the perfect framing and staging to show off Hitomi's loveliness to its best advantage. Even when the man is the active agent in the sexual activities, Hitomi remains the camera's focus. We've seen many other videos with gorgeous ladies where the director / cameraman fouls up a good thing. Akagi-sensei does this one right!

Final Verdict

Highest possible rating Two hours of straight, no-nonsense sex for fans of Asian BBWs, featuring an incredibly beautiful model, and showing her off to best possible advantage almost non-stop from beginning to end. 10 stars out of 10.


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