Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pocha Pocha 2 (Little & Middle-Weight Divisions)

In my work in Japanese erotic cinema since my last post, I started out by updating the Models page at this blog-- linking the models' names to their Boobpedia page, and adding what statistics & external links I could. I then continued updating my Pink Film archive blogs-- adding images to posters and DVD covers for films I now have in my video collection, mostly thanks to the excellent blog My Duck is Dead, which I highly recommend for anyone who wants to see interesting, obscure, hard-to-find cult films. (See below, for one example: the poster to Katsuhiko Fujii's 1975 Roman Porno, Cruelty: Black Rose Torture, starring the eminently torture-able Naomi Tani, taking her licks this time from the Japanese military police. Just one of dozens of films I've known about since the '70s, and only now have a chance to see.) As usual, this updating project is turning out to be a major piece of work-- uploading new images, starting new entries, updating the IMDb links to images I'm replacing with better ones, etc.
Naomi Tani suffers at the hands of the kempeitai in Cruelty: Black Rose Torture (1975)
In one possibly encouraging sign of progress on the Pink Film Award page at IMDb since I last reported, the overview page now lists "Best Director", though the one award I submitted in that category (Yutaka Ikejima in 2013) is not. I submitted "Best Picture" about a day earlier than Best Director, and it is still invisible. And once these are added, how do the yearly ceremonies, and information such as time and place of the ceremony get entered?... it's still all a mystery...

But, back to BBW-admiring mode, since we're in a soapland-visiting mood of late, let's drop in on another old favorite site. We first took a look at the Pocha Pocha site back in November. They have a wide enough selection that I think another look will be productive. It seems to provide a search engine for BBW Soaplands. Like Chichi no ya, which we visited on Sunday, Pocha Pocha divides its ladies into weight classes: Little, Middle, Heavy, and King. 

In the "Little" category, we have 27-year-old Kana, who is cute as a button. The shop's description of her mentions her resemblance to cutie-chubby comedienne Kanako Yanagihara (柳原加奈子), who, image searches indicate, may be worth a post eventually. Standing a mere 152cm (5'), Kana weighs 74kg (163lb), and sports measurements of 111(H)-80-91. Quite a juicy morsel indeed!
Our first helping of Middle-weight beauty is 18-year-old Wakana. She's a face-hider, but what we see of her 115(J)-72-100 frame is quite enticing.
Sora Nanami (as "Uehara")
Another Middle-weight, in what is at least her second appearance at this site (we noted her in November), is BBW AV idol, Sora Nanami, as "Uehara". 29 years old with spectacular 130(O)-71-110 measurements.
I'm pretty sure we've seen Middle-weight Momoka in some AV performances. Her face is familiar, but I can't place her at the moment. She's a 23-year-old newcomer to the shop, and boasts a 138(M)-83-122 figure.

27-year-old Middle-weight Nanami, with her 131(N)-?-100 measurements, gives another example of why I always say, if these images are digitally enhanced, I don't care. They're still lovely to behold!

Now that we're at the end of the Middle-weight class, let's break off here. There are enough lovelies in the Heavy- and King-weight divisions to amply fill out another post. And, since posting time is limited these days, let's hold them off till next time. I'm not making any promises, but I'll try to do a video review for Sunday!


  1. Hi Dekk. Pls continue to review japanesebbw film! Esp ICD and Maguro series. Thanks.

    1. Hi CoPhong-- I like to do the reviews, but they take a long time-- watching, getting the images, getting the background info, and then writing it all... I did finish one for tonight though, which I hope you will enjoy!