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Yôko Koizumi, Reika Shibahime, and Kyôko Kusanagi: RE-04


RE-04: Original VHS cover
Tonight will be a treat for all you Yôko Koizumi fans: an early appearance at the JAMS studio in its previous incarnation as Manic World / Agastia. I had a full-sized image of the VHS cover before starting research for this review-- probably from the site where I got the video file. Following the company's email address listed on that cover: ( led to an entire day's worth of online research. It didn't surprise me that this is a dead link. To the Internet Archive I went, and found an archived page from 2000, listing the studio's main BBW, Hôman Roman Series (豊満浪漫シリーズ). This was interesting, and gave me a lot of information, but nothing on tonight's video.
RE-04 in compilation DVD, MWLE-06
The official page to the compilation DVD MWLE-06, also found in the Internet Archive, shows this VHS was bundled in the 6th "Mania World" "Limited Edition" DVD, which includes the first six Red Eyes videos. "Mania World" (マニアワールド) turns out to be the original name of the JAMS and/or IZM studios.
RE-04 in compilation DVD, JCD-25
The video under consideration tonight-- like all the original Red Eyes series-- doesn't have an entry at Boobpedia (yet) but I started an article on the DVD triple-header, Ultimate Collection 25: Boob War Double Feature (JCD-25; June 2007), which combines RE-04 with RE-17 and part of IT-01, all three of which star Yôko. The "RE-" prefix indicates "Red Eyes" which is a mysterious series I have, up till now, only seen in DVD compilations such as this. Once in a while, I'll find a very small, low-quality thumbnail image of the covers to the original VHS releases, and I see their images on the DVD compilations, but there is scant real information on these releases on the Internet today.
Red Eyes series
Just trying to figure out some concrete information on these early JAVs-- especially in the rather obscure BBW genre-- can be very difficult. While simply trying to find out when this video was released, I wound up doing enough research for several more posts, and digging up information relevant to the early history of the JAMS & IZM labels and our favorite BBW-specialist directors, Ryudai and Timio Juvorenup. The more I searched, the more time I wasted, and I got no closer to finding a release date. I found a used copy of the first issue in the RE- series up for sale at a Yahoo auction in March 2003. And I found this page from 2005, which has full images and descriptions of the covers of the original Red Eyes VHS series. But still no clue as to the release dates... My guess is that this came out in the mid-to-late-1990s. The cover gives the price of this 55-minute video as 6,000円 (about $60), and it was available from the official site for 6,300円, tax included.
Title card: Kyo chijo sannin gakari no hakai-teki gyaku rape
The archived official page of this little item gives us the full title: Kyo chijo sannin gakari no hakai-teki gyaku rape (巨痴女3人がかりの破壊的逆レイプ - "Devastating Reverse Rape by Three Huge Sluts"), the director: BBW-maestro, Ryudai, and the cast: Yôko Koizumi, "Kyôko" (early IZM/Ryudai BBW star Kyôko Kusanagi I think), and "Reika" (probably BBW lovely Reika Shibahime).
Cast: Yôko Koizumi, Kyôko, and Reika
The cover further provides us with the ladies' statistics: Yôko Koizumi: 141-92-108cm 98kg, Kyôko: 115-95-125cm 115kg, and Reika 105-78-110cm 98kg. Under her full name, Reika Shibahime, Reika has only has one known appearance to her credit, TDPP-003 which looks like it might have been released about the same time as this Red Eyes video. If these two Reikas turn out to be the same, her filmography might be expanded a bit.
Yôko Koizumi (L), Kyôko (C), and Reika (R) attack a blond guy
The blurb touts a combined weight of over 300kg of woman-flesh attacking a blond boy. Being a dirty-blond myself, I rather hoped against hope we'd see these three big, Asian beauties dominating and abusing a white guy. But, no-- their victim is a lucky little Japanese guy with dyed hair. And so, with no further ado, let's look at the action!

Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

Reika starts things moving
After the opening title cards, the video bursts right on the scene with the three chubby angels already holding down their victim in bed, fondling and licking him all over. The girls giggle and coo about how cute he is, while smothering him with their boobs.
Yôko doffs her brassiere to join in on the action
Yôko unveils her own bazooms and begins slapping him in the face with them, while Reika, who until now had been the only topless girl, comments, "Yôko's boobs must make you feel good!" The girls address each other by their first names throughout the video, which is a cute touch-- as if they really are three friends out for a night of fun.
Yôko (L, background) & Reika (R, foreground)
The girls take off his underpants-- to his protestations of shame-- and put them on his head. Then the pixels come out. The absurdity of the pixeling is obvious when you can clearly make out the guy's dick-- which is supposed to be hidden-- yet Yôko's beautiful boobs are the ones that suffer from the censorship.In fact there are points where the pixels blur out all four participants in the action, which is ridiculous, because you can see pussy hair and the guy's dick quite clearly. Just one of those mysteries of the Japanese censorship policy I guess.
Reika's fellatio skills-- behind the pixels-- outshine Yôko's
Once the male member is loosed upon the girls, they set to servicing it in turn. Yôko is quite a skillful cocksucker, but I have to give the nod to Reika. This girl goes at it with a fiendish enthusiasm and relish. Watching her in action, it's obvious the guy's moans of pleasure are not faked.
Yôko also performs a couple brief, exciting, but too-closely-shot and too-short cowgirl bounces, while the other girls cheer her on. Yee haw! This points out one of the problems with this video: It is just one, long sex scene without break, without sections, without set-pieces. Yôko performing this cowgirl routine could have been a stand-out scene, if highlighted properly by the director. Instead it is just one part of the sexual melee.
Yôko's oily orbs
At about the 31 minute mark, Yôko cracks out a bottle of oil, and the girls take turns greasing up their pussies and giving the guy a face full of muff. Yôko herself oils up her boobs to smother him with them, however. There is some playing with the guy's butthole, which I could have done without.
Kyôko's nice butt
Of the three the girls, Kyôko Kusanagi seems to have been the most popular model to Japanese audiences-- she's the only one of the three who already has an IMDb listing. I haven't done the research on her, but she seems to have a large filmography, besides solo work, appearing in just about every group video that the studio was making at the time. She's the least satisfactory to me though-- a relatively thin girl with a bit of a pot belly to qualify her for the "big girl" genre. She is credited as the heaviest girl of the trio-- Yôko and Reika both 98kg, while Kyôko is 115kg-- so I'm guessing she's taller than 160 cm (5' 3") Yôko. Later on in the video she gives us a few view of her nice, full butt which expanded nicely as she matured later in her career.
Bombs away!
Yôko has a couple moves that she performs in the video. Besides a pretty spectacular cowgirl bounce, lifting up one her huge boobs-- sometimes with two hands-- and violently slapping the guy with it is one of her best techniques. And then, just as suddenly as it began, the suddenly ends. We come in in the middle of a sex scene, and we leave with it still going on. The video I have is 51.27 minutes, while the video cover says it's 55 minutes. The opening credits indicate that I do have the actual beginning, but it's possible I'm missing a closing climax, or at lease a final credit sequence.


The early AVs-- those of the 1980s-- tended to be like little Pink films-- all story, and just brief glimpses of nudity. This was frustrating, because you don't watch an AV for directing, acting and story, you watch it for the sex and nudity. You don't watch a well-made Pink film for that-- you watch it for the filmmaking, with a nice dose of sex and nudity thrown in as an extra.
Bomber girl Yôko
This AV is from the second period-- 1990s, I'm guessing-- and is all-action. All-nudity, all-sex. Which is fine for the purposes for which one uses an AV. But just a little bit of a narrative would have helped this a lot. We don't even get to see the girls burst into the guy's room and hold him down.Why are they in the room? Did they just break in and assault him? Did he order them? For a "reverse rape" video, the guy seems to start out enjoying himself too much. He should have put up a struggle at first, until he accepts his fate and gets into the action.Who is he? Who are they? Of course these questions don't really matter, since this is just a sex video, but just a little set-up-- less than a minute even-- would have given some context, and, with minimal effort added a lot, I think.
The girls are in control of the situation
The guy is completely at their mercy, but there is none of the nastiness typical of a man-on-woman rape video. The whole thing has a sweet giggly, girly, chatty air about it which is very pleasant. There is lots of laughing, lots of "Kimochi ii? / Kimochi ii!"s. There is lot of charming dialog between the cast. For example, as Yôko mounts him, the poor guy whimpers, "Dame!" and Yôko replies, "Dame ja nai, yo!"
Damn, we're in a tight spot!
Nearly every moment of screen time in this video is worth gazing at. I took over 1,200 snapshots of this 51 minutes in preparation for this review, and only threw out a couple dozen images as totally worthless. Still, there is no image that stands out as extraordinary from the endless flow of sex. It comes across as a non-stop, filmed in one single take, but there are cuts. These cuts, though, are of the nature of  Hitchcock's cuts in Rope (1948)-- i.e., all-but-hidden, and cut just for purely practical reasons-- to change the film reel in Hitchcock's case, for the performers to get a breather in Ryudai's case, I presume.
Vision of loveliness, less than lovely picture quality
It's all too closely-shot for my tastes, and, though there is always a nice view of something, I did have trouble finding pictures that showed both the girls' bodies and their faces-- which I do like to see. I don't necessarily need to see the entire quartet in action all the time, but just a little more distance from the girl more often would give us a more satisfying full view. The poor picture quality and color is apparently due to the fact that this video file comes right off of a VHS. I don't know, but I would hope that the DVD compilations contain a better picture.
Yôko (L), Reika (C), and Kyôko (R), three girls just having a fun night
Nostalgia plays some part in the charm of these older videos. To think that these three big, bouncy Asian ladies were frolicking around like this 20 years ago adds a level of fun to viewing it. These sexual antics, if properly preserved, can be handed down through the generations, until it is viewed as a classic of BBW porn. Also, the challenge in finding these older videos makes them that much more precious. I couldn't even find information about this one without digging through the Internet Archive, much less a copy for sale, though the content is viewable on the JAMS compilation DVD.

Final Opinion

Awesome Yôko
Yôko Koizumi is clearly the stand-out model here, and rightly gets top billing. Unlike some videos, in which my object of desire is little-seen, Ryudai's camera gives Yôko star treatment. One of the legends in the Japanese BBW genre, she has a strong international following, and is one of the most popular models at this blog. Reika Shibahime is a close second though, very nice and plump, with decent-sized boobs, she's also a very happy enthusiastic performer, contributing most of the interest in the chatter. It will be worth looking to see if she made any more previously-unknown appearances as just "Reika". Kyôko Kusanagi is the least of the three, to me, though apparently the most popular at the time. She did expand her assets in later appearances, like Double Face-Sitting Gang! (2009, IZM).
The video is a blast from the past with Yôko (L), Reika (C-butt), and Kyôko (R)
I liked the spirit of the video-- three big, happy girls having some sexual fun together, while their male victim the unwitting recipient. It's just an hour-long fuck-fest though, with nothing, other than the Asian BBW models, to set it apart from any other fuck-fest. A little context to the sex could have made it better. But if you're in the mood to imagine yourself smothered and ravished by three big, beautiful Japanese ladies, put yourself in the place of the blond guy, and you could also do worse than this. 6/10


  1. A superbly diamond-shining review.

    Yoko is possibly the finest lady the world has ever seen throughout mankind... and i've seen A LOT of them!

    I'll get back to you on this as im short on time, but everything you said above is completely perfect

    The classic setting and how these ladies are working it with their goodstyle panties and everything is at the pinnacle of the jav industry, even if still a bit good now these days we will never see times as good as this.

    1. Thanks! Yoko seems to have a strong international following. I'll keep her work in mind for future reviews.

  2. Thanks for your review
    But I have a question
    How did you get these videos??
    I can't find RE-series and JCD-series.
    I want watch them
    Please tell me how can I watch them.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hello, 이종성!

      I'm sorry, I don't remember how I got this video file. I'm sure I got it just by searching around the Internet with various search terms in English & Japanese... My old hard disk crashed, and that's where the video is now-- I'm hoping to restore as much as I can eventually, but for now I don't have access to this video either...

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