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5 Degrees of Pochari-tude: Chichi no ya

Tattooed Flower Vase (1976)
Greetings to all. My domestic trials continue, causing this post to go out a little late... Since my last post, most of my online work in the area of Japanese erotic entertainment has been towards getting my Nikkatsu / Pink film video files in order. In the process, I discovered that I had not yet acquired the easily-obtainable Naomi Tani / Masaru Konuma classic, Tattooed Flower Vase (1976). How this one slipped by me, I do not know, but I quickly filled in that gap in my collection.
Naomi Tani in action, in Tattooed Flower Vase (1976)
Above is a sampling of that grande dame of Japanese erotic cinema in action in this film. She may not have the voluptuousness of today's BBW girls, but she was one of the bustiest of her day, and her performances are still second to none in Japanese erotic cinema-- or worldwide, as far as I'm concerned. I counted up the Nikkatsu Roman Porno films I have now for my viewing pleasure: 70 (and that's not counting true Pink films-- the non-Nikkatsu independent releases). I've seen a few, and enjoyed each one of them very much. I guess I'd better get busy watching them, reviewing them, and adding descriptions/reviews to IMDb. I might add reviews to my own Pink Film blogs similar to the ones I do here, and then put more concise/polished versions of them on IMDb. For some time I've been meaning to do this for the BBW JAVs I review here on this blog, but still haven't got around to it.

For tonight's trip to the fascinating world of Japanese BBW-dom, let's look in on a soapland site, which we haven't done for a while. Tonight's institution of big, beautiful Japanese womanhood is "Chichi no ya"-- or "Boob Shop". This club divides its girls into five degrees of "Pocchari" or "chubbiness". All the girls who interest me squeeze into degrees 3, 4, and 5. Let's take a look at two girls from each of these three categories.
Before taking our first step up the Pochari ladder, we might pause to note that, except for face-fogging, these images bear a striking resemblance to other shops (such as the now-defunct Glamorous D) which have been accused of airbrushing and otherwise enhancing their images. Since I am not a soapland client, and false-advertising doesn't affect me, my position on this issue is: They are lovely pictures, and they create lovely fantasies... if the reality is less glamorous, well, that doesn't affect me.
First-- above-- we have 25-year-old Remu, who, with her stunning 130(M)-80-113cm measurements stands 173cm (5'7") tall. The shop reports that this cute girl with a third-degree in Pochari-tude is their tallest, and has a pleasingly smiling personality.
Lovely, white-skinned 40-year old Aya is a more mature Category 3 pocchari girl. The fact that her equally impressive statistics of 125(M)-75-110(cm) are stacked onto a more compact 154cm (5'1") frame might help account for the awesome spectacle of her bazooms. But I suspect some digital enhancement is also involved.
Taking a step up to a Degree 4 in chubbiness, we come upon Momoko. She has a very sexy air about her, in addition to the boobs, and incredible ass. Besides showing her face, her boobs do not appear to be digitally enhanced here. If anything, given the shop's promotion of her "foreigner style" butt, her lower regions may have been tampered with in the photo. In any case, her gravity-secure 113(J)-76-140(cm) figure is quite a sight to behold!
Another 4th-level pocchari girl, Maiko is top- rather than bottom-heavy, a fact to which this shop newcomer's 127(M)-83-118(cm) measurements attest.
Moving up to Level 5, we come to two BBW AV stars in the shop's stable. First, everybody's favorite big girl, Erika puts her mind-boggling 150(Q)-85-120(cm) figure to work for the shop.
The shop reports that not only her stunning figure, but her pleasingly enthusiastic and accommodating personality have made her one of their most popular girls.
Juri Morozuki

Juri Morozuki is another AV-star Level 5 girl at the shop. Her smiling face and 131(L)-110-140(cm) attributes are more than up to the task of warming the cockles of any patron's heart.

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