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Sora Nanami: MANL-007


Tonight's video review is titled , Mônyû O-cup Tai shibô-ritsu 86-percent Nanasora Umi (MANL-007) which I guesstimate to mean something like,"Ferocious O-cup boobs: 86% body fat: Umi Nanasora". We first looked at this one in a post of December 29, 2013, right after its release. It had been released on December 10th of that year. The package blurb and images indicate the first chapter is a "Big boob marathon", implying sports activities-- lots of them. I looked forward to viewing this. I'm no sports fan but I love to see a big girl moving around-- even clothed.
Umi Nanasora aka Sora Nanami"
Though I identify the actress here as Sora Nanami (七海そら)-- the name under which she debuted, and currently maintains a blog-- she actually appears here under a slightly different name: Umi Nanasora (七空うみ - Nanasora Umi)-- which is a punny scrambling of her name in Japanese, changing the meaning from "Sky - Seven Seas" to "Sea - Seven Skies". Her "Umi Nanasora" Arzon page shows she has made at least five appearances under this name, and the "Sora Nanami" profile has eight. Not bad for a BBW actress who debuted less than two years ago, I think, in September 2012 in GAS-256.

Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

Warming up for the Marathon
As mentioned on the cover, the first chapter is the "big boob Marathon" section. It starts out with  Sora-chan doing some warm-up stretches. By "Marathon", the authors of the video apparently mean only the running.
Look at that face just look at it! Look at that fabulous face...
Then she goes on a run. We get to watch Sora-chan jogging around her countryside neighborhood, with her massive chest bouncing and flouncing around most pleasingly. She's a cute girl, with a pleasing, chubby, classically-Japanese face.
These images can't do justice to the scene, of course, since this must be viewed in motion for the full effect. But, take my word for it, it is a vision of loveliness. The camera does a good job of showing her voluptuous body from all angles, in full-body and close-up shots.
A little winding down after the run leads to the next chapter: Jump Rope! She does the one-foot-at-a-time jump, rather than two feet in the air, which cuts down on the bouncing potential. But still, with all that heft, there is plenty of bouncing to be enjoyed here.
MAJOR wardrobe malfunction!
Apparently the shirt becomes too hot, and she makes the unwise decision of jumping rope in her bra. With a bra as over-loaded as hers is, something is bound to give. And sure enough, first her left boob flops out of its confines, and then the right one follows.
Sora-chan goes au naturel
Next she takes off her sweat pants, and then the bra. We get to see her jumping rope nearly nude, boobs finally fully unleashed and free to bounce.
Playback set to slow-motion!
And bounce they do! The camera gives us some good views to analyze the physics of boobery for our own private research-- the fascinating effects of gravity and motion on two mounds of chesty flesh can be studied in slo-mo in scenes like this.
Exhausted from the work-out
And with a little pause to catch her breath, thus endeth my favorite part of the video-- the two exercise-related chapters... and it's only been nine minutes. Up to now, my eyes have been glued to this big, beautiful girl in action, even though the nudity came in only at the very last. This exercise theme could certainly have continued for several more minutes, and kept me enthralled.
Boobs in the woods
We next go to a back yard where we see Sora-chan standing alone, bound and tied. The camera admires her for a while, while she doesn't do much of anything but squirm a little.
A gentleman appears on the scene, and gets behind the lady in standard JAV position to commence playing with her boobs... which he does... This behind-the-girl boob-play has never thrilled me that much. And the bondage doesn't do anything for me either
He plays with her tummy a bit too, which is rather a nice touch. This 10-minute segment ends with some dildo play. This isn't a lot of fun until Sora starts getting into it, jumping up and down, flopping her boobs around. Unfortunately, she does this only a short time. All-in-all this has been a pretty mundane little JAV scene, made special only by the BBW model.
Shades of Deadly Weapons (1974)!
We go to another scenario, with a slightly more original concept. Sora is sitting on a couch, barely-clothed, when a horny old guy begins molesting her. Here's the fun part: Sora defends herself by slapping him in the face violently, with her big ol' right boobie... but, amazingly, this only encourages the rascal!
Unaware of the inefficacy of this method of self-defense, she continues violently slapping him about the face with her boobs. Well, this only eggs him on further, of course. He keeps coming back for more! Who wouldn't?
A new method of attack
Finally, with one mighty blow with her tits, she manages to knock the attacker all the way to the other side of the bed. Once he's down, she takes another method of attack: Face-sitting.
Providing some support
This only revives him, and he stages a counter-attack offensive on her boobs, starting by harassing her from behind, but then flipping her over on her for some heavy-duty sucking. Sora's boobs look especially enticing here, propped up with the nipples pointing forward, rather than their usual downward-pointing position.
A little of the old in-out, in-out
A fairly extensive sex scene follows, involving crotch-to-facing, doggie-style and finishing up with good old missionary position. All-in-all this has been a fairly satisfactory and amusing little scene. Just enough Deadly Weapons-style humor, followed by some fairly stimulating straight sex.
The two-fisted boob-grab
One interesting little part of this final bout of sex, occurs while Sora is playing with her breasts. She grabs and pulls them by the sides. She repeats this gesture a couple more times in the video. It's an interesting little quirk she has, which adds something original to an otherwise fairly standard series of sex scenes.
Coffee, tea, milk shake, pee...
There's a quick cutaway scene in which a gent happens on Sora-chan hanging the laundry out to dry. He talks her into pulling up her skirt and pissing all over his face. Not exactly my cup of tea, but chacun à son goût. It's short enough not to become a distraction.
Another brief scene could go on much longer, in my opinion. A young lady comes to visit Sora-chan for a cup of tea. A mildly S&M scene develops, with Sora as the dominant partner. Among other non-nude, light-S&M actions, we get to see Sora crush her partner with her heavy bosom.
Yee haw! Ride 'em cowgirl!
A Dolce Vita-style horsie-back ride follows, complete with whips to the rear. Unlike the peeing scene, I was disappointed when this one cut away so quickly. This scene definitely could have gone on longer. I was hoping for some full, nude lesbian action, but the scene stops before working into even partial nudity.
Tonight's lecture: Some Thoughts on the Science of Paizuri
The final sequence is big let-down. It is a study in the art of paizuri. Sora-chan, speaking to the camera, introduces fairly standard and uninteresting variations of paizuri technique. The usual paizuri-scene complaints apply here: Due to the pixeling/censoring of the guy's dick, Sora-chan's boobs are also pixeled out, leaving us nothing interesting to look at.
The two-fisted boob-grab ends the video
The only uncensored look we get of her boobs in this section comes at the very end, after the guy has climaxed. Sora proudly shows off the product of her fine work. Note again Sora's trademark two-fisted upper-boob grab here.


Sora Nanami at now-apparently-defunct GoldenTops site
Sora Nanami is quite lovely, falling just a little bit short of being in the same league with my very favorite, top-notch BBW models. She has a cute, smiling face, and is nice and chubby, without being too fat, but she's a bit flabby, her boobs are a bit saggy and wrinkled, and she's got a caesarian scar. None of these flaws is a deal-breaker, but the overall package doesn't attain the perfection of an Usagi Minagi, a Tamaki Yasuoka, a Karen Toudou, or a Miyabi Hayama.
A big girl is a joy to behold, coming or going
...and, in case you were wondering, though her front is her main selling point, yes, she does have a nice, solid butt too...
I felt like there were a lot of missed opportunities in the video. It's only an hour, and some whole segments in the more regular 2-hour videos last about that long. Here, the segments are less than minutes each. If they had honed in on just two or three segments, and worked them out more thoroughly, the video could have been more satisfying.
Brief... all too brief...
The first two chapters-- the exercise part-- was my favorite, as shown by the many images at this post from that nine-minute segment. Just the exercise theme could have gone on for an hour, filling out the video, as far as I'm concerned. How about bowling nude?... Tennis?... Volleyball is a natural... Instead it stopped just when things were starting to get interesting, when she'd flopped her boobs out and jumped rope.
The other segments were all pretty standard JAV scenarios. I did enjoy seeing her attack the masher with her boobs. But even this seemed too short. The scene with the girl started out well too, and looked like it was headed to something good. But stopped far too quickly, and never even had any nudity.

Final Opinion

Model: High. Sora Nanami is cute, chubby and happy. Holding her back from being in the highest ranking are just a bit too much flabbiness, and her boobs, while splendidly large are not the most attractively shaped. She's still lovely enough that I will certainly look for more videos from her.

Video: Solid and watchable, but mostly rather dull. The few original aspects are not followed through, ultimately leaving me with an unsatisfied feeling. 6/10


  1. Are there seriously people who get upset if you spoil adult videos?

    Anyway, I stopped by because I wanted to know how things are! Check this out: we already know Luu won the pageant last year, but it's so nice to see some recognition!

    1. Thanks, Brandt! I don't see any new images there, but it's nice to know it's out there anyway.
      The "Warning: Spoilers" thing is just a joke. I always find plot descriptions to be dull, yet IMDb and Wikipedia (used to) have people who get all upset when the plot points are given away without warning...

  2. Thank you!! I just netbumped into your blog on unrelated BBW hunt, while I'm a fan of the Big girls I'm more so a fan of Nipon girls. Double wammy! I'll be around good Sir.

    1. Welcome to the blog! Things have been relatively quiet here lately since I've discovered Twitter, and have been Tweeting some of my favorite gals in my inept, but enthusiastic Japanese... Enjoy!

  3. I believe she's the star of OHO-029.