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Miwa Sasaki; Pocha Princess #2: TIA-002

The Video

For this week's video review, we take a look at another video I've wanted to see for many years, and only recently have had a chance to view: Pocha pocha princess pretty gokujô: Sasaki Miwa (TIA-002), starring Miwa Sasaki and directed by Alto Joa. I had been following Miwa-san since at least February 2005, when she appeared at Tokyo Topless under the name Miki Goto. The present video was released in April 2005, and I started a stub article on it at Boobpedia in 2008 under the title Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty Finest! Miwa Sasaki. This is the second release in Radix / Tiara's Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series. Other videos in this series we have previously reviewed are TIA-012 (Usagi Minagi; reviewed in May 2013, 1, 2, 3), TIA-020 (Sara Aikawa; July 2013), and TIA-501 (Marimo Momoi & Nano Rikukawa; July 2013). As I recall, all of these reviews were positive ones, and the Pocha pocha princess pretty series has, so far, been one of my favorites. Let's see if this one lives up to the previous standard.
Miwa Sasaki demonstrates her stomach muscle control

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

The video starts out with a long prelude. First, about eight minutes of Miwa-san in and out of a bikini. She rolls around on the floor, and her boobs flop out of during her gyrations. Then she poses standing in the bikini, and demonstrates some flexibility in her stomach muscles, which is also cute and exciting. Finally she bounces on a ball, and, of course, her boobs fly out of her bikini again.
Miwa-san juggles her jugs
Another gravure-like section of slightly longer length follows. In this part, Miwa-san is standing completely nude, bouncing and twisting around so we can continue examining her physical attributes, which are most delectable. She has uniquely-shaped breasts and nipples which are unusual, but very attractive.
And a pleasing view from the rear as well
In this section, Miwa-san also gives us a good look at her behind, demonstrating that she has a very nice ass for a relatively thin girl. She is quite nice and soft all over! All-in-all, this first section gives us a good survey of the landscape to be explored in this video. Despite appearing in this BBW video series, Miwa-san is not a BBW in my book. But I'm not complaining! She's definitely nicely-fleshed, and plump all over, and has a pretty face with a cute-naughty smile which is very attractive.
Miwa-san makes love to herself and the camera
...and finally, after this first, pre-title sequence of about 18 minutes of drooling over Miwa-san's incredibly lovely body, we get the title card and the video can officially begin. We are treated to Miwa-san seated, clothed, wearing glasses (an extra treat for glasses-lovers like me), while she makes love to the camera, and vice-versa. She masturbates while rolling and caressing her big, baggy boobs in a most pleasing manner. This takes us to about 37 minutes into the video.
Miwa-san gleefully dominates her partner
The next section gives us Miwa with a male partner. With no unnecessary preliminaries, he immediately sticks his face right into her chest and begins enjoying himself thoroughly. She obliges him with some boob-crushing and -slapping, and face-sitting. After moving on to fellatio, paizuri, the scene, and the gentleman, climax at about the 1 hour mark into the video.
Miwa-san prepared to be measured and weighed
After this comes the interview and measuring session which traditionally starts out a JAV. (Amusingly, when she is just beginning to disrobe, her cell phone begins buzzing, and the embarrassed Miwa-san quickly shuts it off. A less courteous porn actress would have probably answered it...) She's cute and girlish throughout this section, getting weighed, measured, poked and discussed.
Miwa is satisfied at the climax of the video
The last section is a rather charming little scenario designed to appeal to the audience of lonely guys enjoying a porn video alone. A frustrated guy begins masturbating to a bakunyû manga, when who should appear at the door, but big old, bakunyû Miwa-san in her Pocha-pocha Princess Pretty costume! Her appearance is filmed as sort of a dreamy-fantasy of his, which is a nice touch. But-- avoiding the trap of becoming distractingly artsy-- the video gets down to basic of moaning and groaning, and boob-worship and sex soon enough. A long, satisfactory sequence of fairly straight-forward, floppy-boobed sex ensues. There is one brief section where they go at it doggy-style with Miwa braced against the big ball she had bounced on at the beginning of the video. I kind of hoped they would sit on it together, in mid-coitus, and bounce around the room while screwing on it, but I suppose that would have been dangerous... it's an idea though, for any JAV director who gets a couple of particularly athletic performers...
Chocolate-covered boobs!
The video-proper finished, we get a brief coda of outtakes, which are always fun to see. Miwa-san attempts to hoola-hoop in the nude, but her big boobs prevent her from doing it properly. She makes due by holding the hoop under her boobs instead. A few cute scenes in which Miwa-san flubs a line, and the director instructs her on how to attack her partner with her boobs are rather innocent, funny and sweet for a porn video. Finally, a part of fairly good scene that the director Joa decided not to include in the video. It involves chocolate syrup and a banana. I don't usually care much for food-fetish scenes, but Miwa-san's boobs do look very appetizing all covered in chocolate! That the director made the decision to exclude this competent scene shows that this is not just a one-take quickie. Some thought, planning and taste went into the making of this video. Like the scenes where a touch of artsiness is hinted at, but restrained, I get the impression that a good director is behind the camera, but he has no need to show off. He places his craft at the service of the audience by focusing entirely on Miwa-san. All-in-all this last section makes a nice ending to this very enjoyable video.
Lovely Miwa Sasaki's video gets big thumbs-up!

The Opinion

Like the other videos in this series, the production is very well-done and tasteful, giving us many very good looks at the model, and pleasingly soft-hardcore sex scenes (nothing extreme and un-erotic). Miwa-san has a top-notch body to show off. Not fully BBW, but very busty, and very nice and chubby. She also has the kind of earthy, Japanese face that I've always loved-- not the ultra-pretty, school-girlish, artificial model-type face that seems to be held up for most admiration by Japanese media, but a good, simple, honest, earthy look. Both the camerawork and the music are competent, and non-obtrusive, playing subservient roles to showing off the lady's body to its best, which is-- as it should be-- the main feature of the production. Director Alto Joa is obviously talented, and does give us some interesting camera angles, but this is always only for the purpose of showing off Miwa's body to its best advantage-- not for the director to show off his skill. We do get plenty of body-part close-ups-- which are good in moderation. Unlike some videos, however, they don't become excessive, boring and annoying. Miwa herself remains the primary interest of the cameraman, and this his how a JAV should be, I think. No unnecessarily showy camera movements, no fixation on the male's body or his performance, no unending focusing on pixeled-out crotches, just give us us a long, loving look at a beautiful lady at play, and we'll be happy. And that's what this video gives us.

Final Verdict

Model: Highest rating
Video: Highest rating

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