Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plump Idoll series

I finished my 2013 IMDB Pink film entry project this morning. This week I also spent a lot of time getting new images from cinepo-- probably my biggest source for Pink film poster images. This is a film poster-selling site, and they have a huge amount of Pink and Roman poster images at their site. For a long time, cinepo has apparently been inactive. A lot of their posters are poor-quality-- lots of glare and folds-- but since I'm trying to put together as complete a collection of Pink-type posters/images as I can, a low-quality image of a film's poster is better than none at all... This weekend I found out what they had been up to during these many months of inactivity: Upgrading their poster images. Much better images, without the glare, folds, pin holes, etc. So, I've spent most of my Pink work time this week doing the same-- replacing my own low-quality poster images with these better ones, and then replacing IMDb's links to those posters in their External Links sections to the films in question.
During this week's 'Net explorations, I came across a new series, "Plump Idoll" [sic], from Marrion Two DVDs, both directed by a person going by the name of "Tuna Ship", are scheduled to launch this series on January 31. The first isPLUMP IDOLL 001: Rin age 19 (MGRO-001).
19-year-old "Rin"
The star of this one is 19-year-old "Rin", who is 143 cm tall and sports a 120cm O-cup bust.
19-year-old "Rin"
Cute, chubby, busty and wearing glasses, Rin has just about everything I like! I hope we see more of this lovely new discovery.
The second DVD, PLUMP IDOLL 002: Ai age 20 (MGRO-002), featured 20-year-old "Ai" who stands 161cm tall, has a 90cm (F-cup) top, and a 97-cm bottom.
20-year-old "Ai"
She's nowhere near as plump or busty an "Idoll" as is "Rin", but still cute as can be. Both these models are given semi-anonymous first-name only ID's, which is pretty common practice among series trying to pretend their models are amateurs. I wouldn't be surprised though if both these lovely ladies go on to, or are already known as JAV regulars. I will be following this series with interest anyway.

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