Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've spent most of my online time this week submitting information on Pink films released in 2013 to IMDb. I'm up to August already, so should be done with the whole year in a little over one week. It takes me about a month to do yearly submissions for the '90s. This is less due to my more efficient translation/submission process, and more due to the fact that only about 40 Pink films were released last year, as opposed to over 100 each year during the '90s... Sadly, the Pink film has fallen on hard times, though I hope the increasing international recognition of the genre helps keep it alive... The big news from the New Years' announcement from IMDb is that, after several years of not allowing them, they have started accepting the addition of new film awards. This means that one of my goals for the year will be adding Pink Film Award data to film and biography entries. I submitted a request for them to add this award last Friday, but still haven't heard anything about its addition. But now let's move on to look at a couple new DVDs that have caught my eye recently.
First up is a new offering from Maguro: Dom-ashi kurabu complex koso saikô no eros (OONIKU-016). Due out on January 22, the official page at Maguro promises 240 minutes of big-butt, big-leg, big-boob big-girls engaging in domination in a girls' PE class. I don't see a lot of nudity on the DVD cover, but I do see plenty of husky Japanese girls in action, and that's always fun. In fact, judging from the cover images, it looks very similar to a previous DVD release, one whose name/code escapes me at the moment, but I will note it here when it comes to me... The cast includes Akina, Emi Fujikawa, Shizuko Fujiki, Rose Aoyama, Madoka, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, and Aina. Shizuko and Rose are two of our favorite models at this blog, but I don't see them on the cover. The presence of either one of them in a video makes it an item of interest, so I'll keep my eyes open for more information on this one.
Another item of high interest recently released by Maguro is Kyûkyoku no nikudan fechi matsuri: Okashitaku naru nikudan musume no samazamana nichijô seikatsu!! (MAGURO-044; June 2013), starring lovely 20-year-old chubby girl, Rin Fujisaki. This one appears to be story/scenario based. Among the roles in which Rin-chan is seen are as a cabaret worker stealing money from the club, and getting punish in return, getting a little sexual harassment in the locker room, as a teacher whose thick thighs attract attention at the boys' school at which she works, and as a chubby, mini-skirt-wearing gal who attracts unwanted attention while walking at night.
Rin Fujisaki in MAGURO-044
And a choice girl like Rin-chan offers us a vision of loveliness that must be enjoyed both from the front
Rin Fujisaki in MAGURO-044
and from the back... Oh, those thighs!!!


  1. hi Dekk! could you tell me the actress name of this DVD She look so good. Thanks.

    1. Hi CoPhong! That's Emi Fujikawa (藤川絵美), a "Big-ass bitch" (as she's described at the page) ;-)