Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yôko Koizumi, The Embrace of Motherly Love: MR-154

The Video

Tonight we take a look at a little rarity I came across in my Web explorations which stars Japanese BBW legend Yôko Koizumi. I've been aware of most of these videos I review ever since they were first release and have seen their video covers and screen shots or stills. But I only became aware of tonight's video once I viewed the video itself. The producer of the video-- Moon Right Studio-- is still in operation, but does not list the video at its site. The only cover image I've found of this video looks like a VHS, and the recording is also of VHS-quality.
The title is Debu bijo: Bosei ai no hôyô (デブ美女 母性愛の抱擁; "Fat Beauty: The Embrace of Motherly Love"; MR-154), and it is the thirteenth release in the Kyohô (Debusen) series (巨豊13(デブ専)). I don't know what the "Debusen" after the series title means, but it's possible it's related to Alpha International's "Debusen Club" videos whose video covers we looked at in July 2012. Yôko Koizumi was in the 17th video in that series, but the images on the cover look similar, but not exactly like this video. For one thing, the male in Kyohô 13 wears glasses, but in FDS-17, he doesn't seem to. Another difference is that the "Debusen Club" spells "Debu" with hiragana (でぶ専クラブ), while Kyohô uses katakana (デブ専). Regardless, I've established a release date of late 1999 for the Debusen Club videos, and Yôko looks about the same age in them as she does in this Kyohô video.
I've known of magnificent Yôko ever since I first got online full-time-- about 1998, but I've had a lot of trouble trying to figure out exactly when she was performing. Since her videos are older releases, the release dates I find for them tend to be later re-issues. And because she was a performer in a then-unpopular genre-- BBW-- I find little information on her at more fan-based sites, like blogs (such as this one, whose main interest seems to be Yôko) or Japanese Wikipedia, which has entries on thousands of AV performers, but not Yôko... She was the main star of Akira Takatsuki's The Bakunyû hôman musume series, which uses the English sub-title "The Bomber Fat Girl" on its covers. The earliest release date I can find for this series is 2005, but it's certainly older than that-- late '90s at least.
Yôko's AV-Channel profile combined with some video information give her statistics as standing 160cm, with measurements of 120(U-85; L-cup)-105-110, and weighs a mere 90 kg (198 lb), which seems low for a woman of her bulk. In the credits to this video, she is said to be 27 years of age.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

This is a compact, 40-minute video with no story, simply a series of scenes. It starts out with a section of about 8 1/2 minutes which is a kind of a montage, alternating clips of Yôko walking through a neighborhood with clips of her sitting up in bed, nude. The nude scenes focus a lot on her stupendous chest, at the expense of showing her whole body-- her head, especially, is usually cut off in these images. But since they are such brief clips, and they alternate with views of the whole lady-- clothed-- walking, I didn't find this gimmick particularly annoying. This section is accompanied by a rather pleasant blues instrumental-- nothing extraordinary, but it gives the whole section a laid-back, enjoyable atmosphere.
After some brief dialogue with her male partner, there follows an extended scene of about 20 minutes, during which he kisses, sucks and slobbers all over Ms. Koizumi's abundant body. She oohs and squeals in a most satisfactory manner-- though that could be a voice-double, since it doesn't quite sound like her usual voice.
Images of Koizumi's performances are sometimes surprisingly hardcore for an earlier performer-- unfogged pubic hair and genitalia can sometimes be seen. This might be an indication that her work was "underground", or that I am just wrong in my guess as to when she was performing, and she is more recent, under current, more lax Japanese censorship standards. In any case, we do get some brief flashes of unfogged pubic hair during this scene.
At about 25 minutes, there follows another strangely mixed section of two scenes intercut together. In one part we see in clip-form, Yôko-san begins rubbing her ginormous bosoms on her guy in the shower. This scene is juxtaposed with a scene of her stripping him in bed, and having sex.
The bed scene takes over, and Yôko gives him fellatio. The man's genitals are mercifully fogged here. Straight, but rather mundane and repetitive sex follows.
Once he has finished his job, the ending credits roll as our male stand-in falls asleep in satisfied exhaustion on one of Yôko's big, fluffy natural pillows.
The 40 minute main video finished, we get five additional minutes of previews of other Yôko Koizumi appearances in the Kyohô series. The above clip from Kyohô #8 (MR-128) looks especially intriguing. Big, old flouncy-bouncy Yôko runs and does a dive, giving her viewers the perfect way to use the Slow-motion function of their video player.

The Opinion

This is a basic, no-nonsense little soft-porn-video, no doubt from the earlier days of the artform. It gives us plenty of good looks at the model in bed, and walking around clothed. The nudity and sex are all pretty tame, but stimlating enough. The only unusual feature of this video are the two montage-like segments, with two different things going on at once, intercut into one. Overdone, this could be annoying, since this does not work as a plot device to enhance tension-- as intercutting is used in regular films-- because there is no plot. But it is not used too much, so it makes an interesting break from the monotony that threatens to overtake the more extended sex scenes. Besides the first six minutes, the music in the rest of the video isn't as enjoyable-- peppy, repetitive, bland pop which emphasizes the bland and repetitive nature of the sex scenes.

Final Verdict

Model: Yôko Koizumi is a top-notch model for fans of Asian BBWs. She is very big-- especially for the early days in which she worked. She is almost too big and flabby for my taste, and a prominent caesarian scar does her no favors. But she is an enthusiastic and cheerful performer, which gives her a warm, motherly character adding to her physical charms.

Video: High. Solidly and professionally made, without distracting camera tricks. It does nothing but the display of the model's anatomy-- which is plenty, and is appreciated-- but it also lacks anything extra that would make it of highest quality. Check out this little video if you've got a craving to look at a really big Asian girl in action, but not if you want anything more than just that.


  1. I been following Yoko ever since her first appearances, those days in early 2000/late 90s, with jams red eyes and this and other videos. It was a pain, internet was slow and this lady was all too lovely to not work to get.

    An absolute true legend, one of the best ever! Shes made around 8 movies max, too bad would love to see more ive wondered for many years where she is now.

    1. Hi, Anonymous-- Yes, I was following her in those days too... took an hour to download a low-quality 1-minute video clip in those days! I just recently (within the last year) upgraded and got into real video watching. I don't think I've ever done a full filmography for Yoko-- the one at Boobpedia only includes those Jams/Red Eye video, just because I put together Boobpedia's articles on that series. Maybe I'll dedicate a post on her later on, and really research her...

  2. By the way been seeing your blog for a few years now the best site all over the world. Love izumu and jams! Been a fan since yes yoko days pretty much would love to get in email with you think we have a lot in common and can exchange professional ideas,

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to have some followers-- Before the Internet-- from the '70s-- I was doing this kind of research just for myself-- mostly on Pink films, because there was so little BBW/Busty stuff in those days... It's nice to be able to share it with other fans now-- here at these blogs, at Boobpedia and at IMDb. Sure, contact me anytime you want-- my email is

  3. Great post! How do you get Yoko's videos? They are very hard to find. Your blog is the best, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous!
      I found a few of Yoko's videos linked at JAVFetish: