Monday, December 2, 2013

KBKD-482: Tamaki Yasuoka, Haruka Senzaki

After last night's visit with the early career of blog favorite Tamaki Yasuoka, let's look in at another early appearance of hers that I had missed until now. This one is also within months of her February 2009 debut, and, though she gets second-billing to another model, indications are that it shows the new JAV star at her big and busty, mature yet cute and motherly best.
The video in question is Potchari jukujo: Senzaki Haruka, Yasuoka Tamaki (KBKD-482), released in August 2009 by Kobayashi Enterprises. It appears to be similar in format to the same studio's Tamaki co-starring Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki (KBKD-534; June 2009) which I reviewed here in a two-part post on May 13, and May 14, 2013.
Haruka Senzaki (L) and Tamaki Yasuoka (R) in KBKD-482
Tamaki-san appears with Haruka Senzaki (仙崎春香) in this video. Here, Haruka-san and her co-star compare boobage. Just eye-balling, I think it's clear the advantage goes to Tamaki.
Judging from the DVD cover as well as the image selctions, Haruka-san gets the most coverage. This is the first we have seen her at this blog, I believe. She's a cute girl who stands 156cm and has 107(I)-70-98 measurements. She's nice and hefty, but can't compare to Tamaki-san, of course... and that sure doesn't look like a pair of I-cups to me...

Tamaki-san gets a chance to do that cow-girl boob-bounce that I like so much. The concept of slow-motion was created for scenes like this.
...and Tamaki-san's boob-dance is almost as enjoyable when viewed from the top as it is from the bottom... How last night's Tamaki-solo DVD and tonight's co-star appearance eluded me all these years, I have no idea, but discovering a new release from this lady, as well as the images that come from them, is always a treat!

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