Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jun Minami: GAS-284

I've been neglecting this blog again, due to an unusual amount of activity going on in real life. I've continued accumulating reviewing material for this blog, as well as trying to wrap up as much IMDb work as I can at the end of the year. In my New Year's Resolution post, my goal was to start IMDb listings for every pink film released between 1990 and 2003... well, I made it half-way. I finished 1996 yesterday... Still, considering a little more than 100 pink films were released each of those years, that's not too bad for a years' work, I guess-- about 700 films. Still, I wish I'd finished it so I could move on to another aspect of Pink film work. For 2014, in fact, I am considering doing more creative work-- writing IMDb plot summaries, and maybe reviews, to the Pink films and Roman Pornos I have seen. Another alternative track I've been wanting to take at IMDb is starting some entries for some of my favorite JAV actresses & videos.
Speaking of which, let's take a closer look at one of our favorite JAV performers, big, beautiful 120cm K-cup girl, Jun Minami, in a Cinema Unit GAS DVD whose upcoming release we noted in a post back in April. More images have come to light on this video, so let's enjoy a few while musing over the content they hint at. The title is Kyodai na shiri to bakunyû de chijoru! Minami Jun (GAS-284; May 2013), which translates to something like, "Being a perverted girl with huge ass and boobs".
The title uses the word "chijo" (something like "perverted girl"), which implies that Jun-san takes the active role in the sex scenes. Images located so far bear out that this is a theme of the DVD.
Also, unusually for a GAS release, this appears to be more of an ass-fetish video, focusing on Jun-san's impressive rear attributes.
...and what a butt it is! Well worthy of being the focus of a video.
GAS' main focus, of course, has always been boobs, and Jun-san shows here that she can certainly deliver in that department also.
Jun-san is a big, tall, hefty girl, and judging from her figure and face, I suspect some Caucasian in her background, though I'm not sure about that... Over the past couple months I've accumulated quite a collection of GAS videos for later full review posts, including about half a dozen starring lovely Jun-san. I don't have a copy of this one yet. but I'll keep my eyes open for it!


  1. i love Jun'body, especial her ass and legs. but for me she's still not enough "pervert" in her action!

    1. Hi, CoPhong. I liked her early look best-- shy, quiet, studious girl with glasses-- and I like her overbite too... I agree on you on her body, and I'm happy she's getting bigger in the butt too!

  2. can you guys upload GAS-284 ? i can't seem to find this

    1. Hi, Anonymous. I haven't seen this one yet, and haven't seen it uploaded anywhere.