Thursday, December 26, 2013

L-Cup Serena's debut: BOMC-070

Tonight, hot off the presses, we have the latest announcement from BomBom Ojisan at BonBon Cherry: The debut of the amazing Serena.
Though little information is available on it so far, Kanzen dokusen! L-cup Serena debut! Ki-mune ichigeki Knockdown! 114-cm 26-sai (BOMC-070) is due out on February 1, 2014.
From what I gather from the description, Serena had a job as a salesgirl, but couldn't wear the uniforms due to her 114cm L-cup chesticular attributes. Good old Uncle BomBom, with his eagle eye, ever on the look out for amazing bazooms to preserve for posterity in his videos, persuaded the lovely 26-year old to appear for him.

Unfortunately she hides her face behind a mask in all the images I've seen so far, but she does look to be prettier than BomBom requires his models to be, and her breasts are better-looking than the comparable N-cup Kaori, whom BomBom Ojisan seems to have a fixation on-- all his recent blog entries are on her, despite this major recent debut.

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