Monday, December 23, 2013

GAS January 2014: GAS-309-312

As we come to the end of another year, we receive announcement of next year's first crop of DVD offerings from long-time big-boob specialists, Cinema Unit GAS. All are due to be released on January 25, 2014.
The sixth in GAS's cross-country scouting expeditions for big, big bosoms to display. Zenkoku bakunyû scout caravan 6: Nazo no shirôto 130-P ero bijin 115-J shirôto hitozuma 123-K (GAS-309) features three worthy young ladies: 24 year-old, 115cm J-cup beauty Mami; 34 year-old, 123cm K-cup wife Yumiko; and the mysterious and amazing 130cm "Miss P-Cup".
"Miss P-Cup" in GAS-309
The stand-out discovery of this issue, of course, is 20-year old "Miss P-cup". This amateur model keeps her eyes hidden, but her ginormous boobs on a thin frame guarantee her a successful career at GAS if she chooses to pursue it, I think. A sample video clip of these amazing amateur ladies is available for download in WMV format and MP4. "Miss P-Cup" does a nude jumping routine in it that just begs for slo-mo viewing.
GAS-310, titled Gyôretsu no dekiru paizuri-ya-san: Shita de machi-ukeru nikuatsu M-cup chônyû no kyôsha!, stars baby-faced 133.5cm M-cup girl, Hina Kurosaki.
Hina Kurosaki in GAS-310
We first met the hefty Ms. Kurosaki in a post in October which announced her upcoming debut with GAS in a DVD released in November 2013. The sample video clip doesn't give us many good looks at this big, beautiful lady, but it's still worth taking a look at in either WMV or MP4 format.
Next up is pleasingly plump, 115cm K-cup girl, Nana Matsuzaki in Dôtei bakunyû soap: Nan-patsu mo yarasete kureru K-Cup: Matsuzaki Nana (GAS-311). We have visited with Nana when announcing GAS's September, November and December 2013 releases.
Nana Matsuzaki in GAS-311
This appearance has Nana-san working in a soapland. Take a look at her servicing her patrons in either WMV or MP4 format.
Lastly, GAS offers us Monosugoi paizuri kyôsha best 100 (GAS-312), a DVD giving us some of GAS's best models in 100 paizuri scenes. The images and video clip I've seen of it don't inspire much anticipation for the actual DVD, since these scenes tend to be among my least favorites: Close-ups on the girls' boobs, which we can't see because they are pixeled out due to the man's penis rubbing between them. And their faces, when seen, are either looking unhappy, or covered in cum... none of this makes for very good watching as far as I am concerned.
Miyabi Hayama in GAS-312 (scene originally from GAS-143)
But the DVD does give us a look at 46 models, including such favorites as Hana Uehara, Moa Anzai, Jun Minami, Mitsuki An, Seri Ishiguro and blog-favorite Miyabi Hayama (above). On the other hand, none of this is new material either... A fast and furious video clip of the action can be downloaded from the GAS site in WMV format and in MP4 format.
"Miss P-Cup" in GAS-309
All in all, GAS's first month of the year seems to be promising for us fans of the bigger girl... The only one that doesn't appeal to me is the compilation DVD-- all three new DVDs have something to recommend. But before calling it a night, I think we can all use one more glimpse of "Miss P-Cup", above, in the aforementioned jumping scene.


  1. Miss P-Cup looks very lovely but that armpit hair of hers is really off putting.

    1. Hmm... I didn't even see that. But armpit hair doesn't bother me. Neither does a natural bush. (Matter of fact, I prefer it ;-)