Sunday, December 15, 2013

Erisa Natsumi: GYU-03

My real life continues to be unusually busy and hectic these days, not giving me time to work on this blog or the Pink film projects either. Things should settle down, and I should be back to regular posting schedule in a week or two. But tonight let's take time to look at one of our favorite newer ladies, Erisa Natsumi.

In a post in November we took note of the upcoming release, the then-untitled Yasashii Gyukan nurse (GYU-03). With 170 minutes of feature video and 14 minutes of special features, It will be available for purchase at shops on Christmas Day-- December 25, 2013.
The video's cover give Erisa-san's proportions as standing 162cm, with measurements of B136(N-cup)-102-118.

As implied by the video's title, Erisa-san plays a nurse in this one. Here she is walking to work with the boss... Check out those delicious legs on her!

Here, motherly Nurse Natsumi pulls double-duty, while her two patients pull on themselves...

...She also administers crotch-to-crotch resuscitation as part of her duties...

...and finally she bathes one of her patients... offers a downloadable sample video clip of the video which I recommend highly.


  1. hi Dekk! she has nice face. I love her!

    1. ...absolutely, CoPhong... she's a big, girl but a real cutie too!

  2. With her good-natured smile and all other assets, she definitely has a healing presence, but some patients could try to get sick again.