Monday, December 30, 2013

A Triple Treat! Miyabi, Erisa & Yui in ICD-239

Tonight we have very good news, times three, for lovers of the big, big Asian lady, especially when they are in a group.
Nyûsatsu triple dai bakunyû (ICD-238), which IZM released on December 20, 2013 joins three of our favorite big, beautiful ladies into one mind-blowing BBW melee: longtime favorite, Yui Igarashi, newcomer Erisa Natsumi, and the now apparently completely un-retired Miyabi Hayama!
And what a glorious meeting it is! The DVD cover boasts that all three girls' bust measurement exceeds 140cm (55 inches!). The girls' figures-- assembled above-- from left to right are: Yui: 149-87-126, Erisa: 141-102-121, and Miyabi: 144-86-121. In this titanic trio, a total of 434cm (171 inches) worth of boob-flesh is on display here!
One lucky guy seems to be the recipient of all this gorgeous womanhood, heaped upon him singly, in pairs and all three at once. Yui-san administers to his face above left, while magnificent, smiling Miyabi-san sits on his chest.
The sample images show plenty of girl-on-girl action also, which is particularly arousing with girls this bountiful wrestling each other on the floor! Above we see Miyabi-san on the left, and, I think, Yui-san to the right.
The same two girls enjoy each others bosoms in another seen. Above, Miyabi-san is taking in a helping of Yui-san's generous boobage.
And here, Yui-san (left), and, I think, Erisa-san share their motherly attributes with the lucky gentleman.
A sample video clip of the action can be downloaded from the official site, and a page of sample images are also available for your browsing pleasure. This one has all the makings of a classic of Japanese BBW adult video, and I'll keep my eyes open for more material on it!

Note: This marvel of mammalian magnificence has been viewed and reviewed in full. For more, see my post of August 17, 2014!

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