Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Misuzu Tomizawa's Second & Third: MAMA-378, OBA-098

Despite my slacking off somewhat, and missing, by half, my IMDb Pink film data entry goal for the year, I received an Email informing me that I was again one of the top contributors of the year. I'll spend part of tomorrow's posting time reviewing this years' accomplishments and looking forward to the goals for next year. Also, sad news from the Pink film world comes from Yoshiyuki Hayashida's PG Website: Mamoru Watanabe, director of Slave Widow (1967), my favorite early Pink movie that I have seen, and one of my favorite Pink films of all time-- died on December 24. A master of the first generation of Pink film directors, and called one of the "Three Pillars of Pink" in Thomas Weisser's book on the subject, he was 82.

But for our last post of the year, let's take a look in on a promising new star who still has not officially debuted yet.
We covered the impending debut of lovely MILF BBW,  Misuzu Tomizawa (富沢みすず) in our Christmas post. That debut DVD was set to be released in January 2014. Already there is news of two more DVDs from the lovely Ms. Tomizawa. First, above we see Bakunyû jukujo delivery (MAMA-378) from Crystal Eizou, due out on February 7. No images or video clips are available on either of these two DVDs yet, but I will add them when I find them.
Also due on February 7 is Misuzu-san's second DVD for Madonna, the studio with which she made her debut DVD, due in January. No homepage has been set up for this release yet, but if form serves, this is the link where it will appear soon. Her Madonna profile can be seen here. It's still too early to have much information on this new BBW MILF, but judging from the loveliness presented on the DVD covers, and the fact that she's already got three due out, before she's even debuted, Misuzu-san is going to be one to watch.

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