Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last GAS for 2013 GAS-305-308

It's high time to post again here, so let's look in at the most recent releases coming from Akira Takatsuki and his fine DVD label, Cinema Unit GAS.
These four DVDs are due to be released on December 21, 2013. Also, there have been a couple changes to the Cinema Unit GAS site format this month. For one, each of the pages to these DVDs now offer 20 sample images, rather than 8 as there used to be. And now, the downloadable sample video clips are in Windows and Smartphone / Mac formats. First off the hopper is Gyôretsu no dekiru paizuri-ya-san: Tsukada Shiori shita de machiuke kyôsha, gokkun! (GAS-305).
Shiori Tsukada in GAS-305
This one stars newcomer 101cm J-cup Shiori Tsukada (塚田詩織). You can take a look at the video clip in Windows format and Smartphone / Mac formats.
The next release is Ero-i ishô de yari makuru: Cosplay sex zanmai Shinoda Mei (GAS-306). It stars 110cm J-cup Mei Shinoda (しのだ芽衣) whom we saw in a post on her August debut, and a post on her second appearance in October.
Mei Shinoda in GAS-306
The sample video clip to this post-lactation appearance (her second DVD was a milky one) can be downloaded in Windows format or Smartphone / Mac formats.
Out of the three December releases with new material, the third-- Bakunyû to hotel ni shike konde momimomi: Tori oroshi hamedori special (GAS-307)-- looks like the one I will like best.
Rosa in GAS-307
It features two big, busty beauties whom we have seen before. First in the video clip is nice and chubby half-Latin 120cm K-cup Rosa (ローザ), whom we encountered this year in posts in July and September. At first I thought she was a bit thin, but she seems to be filling out nicely. I just wish she'd let us see her face.
Yû Ogawa in GAS-307
And GAS veteran, 105cm-I cup Yû Ogawa (緒川ゆう) returns to the label. After her debut for GAS in The Super Big Tits Yuu GAS-015 (September 2005), she appeared in nine for the studio. Her AV-Channel profile lists only 20 videos, though I thought she'd had a more extensive post-GAS career... This December release will be the now pleasingly matured Yû's first for the label since GAS-180 came out back in September 2010. The video sample giving glimpses of these two lovely ladies in action can be seen in Windows format or Smartphone / Mac formats.

As is traditional, the final release of the year is an annual summary. This one selects the best scenes from 19 girls who have performed for the label in 2013, and is titled Bakunyû best 2013 4-jikan: 19-nin no best scene subete misemasu (GAS-308).

Sara Himeno in GAS-308
The entry at the GAS site lists the four-hour DVD as including Jun Minami (美波じゅん), Rino Momoi (ももい理乃), Yû Sakura (さくら悠), Mei Shinoda (しのだ芽衣), Nana Matsuzaki (松崎なな), and others. Other favorites, such as Sara Himeno-- above-- can be seen in the sample video clip, in Windows format or Smartphone / Mac formats.

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