Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tamaki Yasuoka: GYU-02

Tonight we take a second look at Tamaki Yasuoka's most recent appearance for JAMS, Nagamine Tomomi: Gyukan bosei tsuma: Paizuri deri-bari. We anticipated the arrival of this DVD in a post way back in June. It was released on July 31, and, indeed we have already covered the release of a third DVD on the GYU- label. That one is due in December, and stars the lovely Erisa Natsumi.
Tamaki Yasuoka, post-diet, demonstrates that she is still quite hefty
No doubt what held me off investigating Tamaki's appearance on the label is the shocking news-- shocking to me, anyway-- that one of my favorite big, chubby girls had lost a lot of weight. But, as the evidence above shows, she certainly doesn't look terrible, and she's still plump, if not as plump as before. I get that rather sad impression of an older woman trying to look younger, when she would look much better just being herself. Though in her bigger days, she was claimed to be an M-cup, the DVD cover gives her measurements as 127(O)-82-126.
Lying down, with her boobs all bunched up, post-diet Tamaki still lays out a tempting feast
Interestingly, from the point of view of a Pink film fan such as myself, the back cover states "Gyukan Roman-porno", obviously a reference to big-studio Nikkatsu's long-running series in the Pink film style. What they mean by this, I am not sure. I highly doubt Nikkatsu has any relation to the JAMS company, and I suspect that the reference only alludes to the series title's meaning, which I've heard interpreted two ways: Roman (i.e. "Romance", as in a novel-- Romance of the Stone for example) porn-- that is, pornography with a story, or Roman (i.e. "Romantic") Porn-- that is, pornography with a lady-friendly romance-emphasizing softcore tinge to it. Given the sometimes very misogynistic, S&M theme of many Roman Pornos, that second definition seemed dubious... though, thinking back, I guess the early films in the series really were female-friendly... the Apartment Wife series, particularly, and the first film in that series was the first Roman Porno.
Cowgirl Tamaki
Anyway, judging from the advertisement, this one does have a story, rather than being just a series of disconnected sex scenes. In it, Tamaki-- appearing under her current stage name, Tomomi Nagamine-- is apparently the wife of a perverted husband who is unable to satisfy her. Because of this, she puts goes to work at the local deli-health, where her voluptuous body is particularly appreciated and put to good use. Above we see Tamaki in the cowgirl position (reverse cowgirl here) which she does so well. Nobody bounces her boobs around as well as Tamaki, and, even if her volume isn't as great as it was before, it's still a beautiful sight to behold!
Smiling Tamaki at a DVD-signing event for GYU-02
Here is Tamaki-san profile page at Moe no Rinjin, where she is currently appearing. Here is a Gyukan site page on a signing event Tamaki attended for the release of the GYU-02 DVD, though, mysteriously, GYU-03 can be seen in one of the photos. How nice it must be to be in Japan where one can go to events such as this and meet visions of loveliness such as Tamaki! Besides some images, this page includes a downloadable sample video clip.


  1. So disappointing, hope she gains it all back and then some! She should learn from Sara Aikawa, who taught us big is better:

    1. I don't want to speculate on her reasons for losing the weight-- maybe there are health concerns, but then she was never obese... but from a purely aesthetic point of view, I think she was really something special when she was bigger. Skinny JAV models are a dime a dozen (not that she looks like just another JAV model yet!)