Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuko in Soapland!

I pretty much finished all my quickie horror/western/b-movie downloading last night, and went back to concentrating on the slower left-over Japanese Pink and Roman Porno films today. I'll finally get to see a lot of the films I've been adding info on at IMDb, and Wikipedia years ago.
I got what I hope are four good Roman Pornos overnight and today: Ichijo's Wet Lust (1972; Tatsumi Kumashiro), New True Story of Woman Condemned to Hell (1976; Kôyû Ohara), Rape! (1976; Yasuharu Hasebe), and Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981; Atsushi Fujiura). I haven't seen any of these, but writers on the subject consider at least two of these-- the Kumashiro and the Hasebe films-- to be major, ground-breaking works in the genre, so I'm looking forward to viewing them.
There are several more of these films out there, so they will take a long time to get. The good thing about the slowness, though, is that I can set them up, and while they're in progress go off and do more constructive work here at this blog or elsewhere. With the quick downloads, it's constant work, so I can't write or research while doing them.
But now down to tonight's business at hand. The images you see in this post are all from the busty/BBW-themed soapland, Moe no rinjin. At the same time Fuko appeared in the Tokyo Topless photos we've been reviewing for the past three days, she was appearing at this fine establishment.
I got all these images from their site in June 2005, which was the month that the Tokyo Topless images were taken down and re-uploaded with her face cropped out. Tokyo Topless usually promotes girls who are appearing at soaplands, so it's possible that their photoshoots were in conjunction with Moe no rinjin, though I find no mention of them at the TT pages in the info I saved at that time.
As is still usual at that site, unfortunately, Fuko's face is blurred in these images. She went by the name "Love" here, as she did at Tokyo Topless, and it's pretty obvious, from what we see, that this is indeed Fuko.
Probably the best thing about this soapland page was that it offered a video clip of Fuko shaking her stuff. Since she went into hiding for about two years after this, then reappeared as strictly a gravure model for two years, this little clip was all we could see of her boobs in motion for the first four years after her debut at Tokyo Topless. (Blogger's Jim-Dandy software sure makes the video look crappy, of course. I also wasted about an hour trying to align the images side-by-side-- which used to be easy in old Blogger-- but gave up.) Apparently the video is saved at Youtube, so we can expect it to be removed soon, so get it now while you can!...


  1. i miss her so much. i want her to make a comeback!

  2. Hi Enzo!
    She hasn't really gone into complete retirement. She did online video streaming for a while, and she still maintains a blog:
    But it would be nice if she went back to making nudie videos. I didn't really care for the full hardcore ones.

  3. how can download that clip?