Friday, November 15, 2013

Annu: BOMC-068

Today's movie haul brought in some potentially interesting future viewing material. From Nikkatsu Roman-Porno master, Tatsumi Kumashiro, I got The World of Geisha (1973). From Million Films, popular director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pinky debut film, the Kandagawa Pervert Wars (1983), and from Shintôhô studio, first-generation Pink director Shin'ya Yamamoto's, The Cruel History of Prisoners (1976). Yamamoto is known more as a light-comic director, and the originator of the Molester Train / Cikan densha series. This uncharacteristically grim torture epic has at least one buxom gal-- the "Marilyn Monroe of S&M", Naomi Tani-- who may make this film worthy of a future post here. But now to today's featured subject.
Tonight we have big news for fans of Bombom Ojisan's big, big S-cup girl, Annu: A new release!
Titled Kanzen dokusen! S-cup zekkyô honban! Subete o tsutsumikomu chônyû! Annu 142-cm 34-sai (BOMC-068), this one is due on December 1.
Since her July debut in BOMC-061, this makes Annu's fourth DVD for the good Ojisan.
Preview images promise this DVD will contain more of the floppy, bouncy antics which have endeared Annu to readers of this blog, and lovers of big Asian ladies everywhere.

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