Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catching up with Erisa Natsumi

Today's movie acquisitions include the Nikkatsu Roman Pornos, Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl (1981; Takashi Kanno) and Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts (1984; Hidehiro Itô), and the Pink films Rape Climax (1987; Hisayasu Satô) and Anarchy in Japan-Suke (1999; Takahisa Zeze). Normally the Roman Pornos are the higher-profile/classier productions which I look forward to seeing, but in tonight's haul, it's the real Pink films that pique my interest. Hisayasu Satô is probably one of, if not the best director ever to work in the genre-- definitely my favorite so far. (Critics usually cite Kôji Wakamatsu as the greatest Pink film director, but the few of his that I've seen so far-- admittedly, only a few of his minor works-- haven't impressed me much.) Satô's films are known for their extreme shock-value, but those of his I've seen are not just geek-shows, they have real intelligence, style and technical experimentation. Takahisa Zeze, likewise, is considered one of the top directors in the genre, and has gone on to a successful mainstream career. I haven't seen any of his films yet, so I look forward to viewing this one.
Erisa Natsumi in MAGURO-047
But now on to today's examination of big, beautiful Asian womanhood. The stunning specimen you see above is newcomer Erisa Natsumi (夏海えりさ) whom we first met in a post in September. Happily, just in the couple months since her debut she seems to have had a busy career. The impressive DVD cover above is from a new release from our friends at MAGURO. Released just last week, on November 11, this is Suggee boin! ! Uchi no shain wa chônyû niku-kan hanbai-in (MAGURO-047).
Erisa Natsumi in IOD-24
A little more information on bounteous Erisa has come to light since the announcement of her debut in that September post. In an October post, we already saw her appearance in IOD-24. Also, we now know that she keeps a blog.
Erisa Natsumi at Pocha Pocha
She has apparently appeared at the soapland site Pocha Pocha, though her page at that site seems to currently be gone. Here is a mirror site which has images from the site. Besides giving her statistics as 162cm tall, B141(K)-102-118, it lists her hobbies as travel and karaoke.
Erisa Natsumi at Moe no Rinjin
The new, dis-improved Tokyo Topless site currently has a faceless pictorial of Erisa, promoting her appearance at Moe no Rinjin in Gotanda.
Erisa Natsumi at Pocha Pocha
In the image above, we see her modeling a T-shirt advertising Pocha Pocha. I'm not sure if this site is actually a soapland, or a site for the advertisement of soaplands. I plan on investigating Pocha Pocha tomorrow, and we'll see that a vast array of some of Japan's top BBW stars are at this newly-discovered site.
Erisa Natsumi in GYU-03
This Jams blog entry of November 7 informs us of the good news that Erisa is not resting on her laurels. She already has another DVD on the way, the as-yet untitled third in the Gyukan series, in which she will play the role of a nurse. This DVD is due in December, and I'll keep a sharp lookout for more information on it.
Erisa Natsumi in GYU-03
As the image above, also from the upcoming Gyukan release, shows, this gorgeous lady can certainly fill out a swimming suit! She's quite an eyeful, and I hope she has a long, prolific career. I'll be following her with much interest!

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