Monday, November 11, 2013

Fuko / Love at Tokyo Topless, #1

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, yesterday, as I expected, I finished my month-long project of acquiring busty/BBW JAV material for reviewing at this site... The conclusion of this project was expected to free up my online time to work more on this blog.
But, the bad news is that just MINUTES before the conclusion of that project, I found an incredible source for cult, B-movie, Pink-movie, spaghetti western, horror, sci-fi films, etc... just the sort of thing I was most hoping to find. I recommend anyone else interested in this type of cinema to visit the site:
So, here I am at the beginning of a SECOND month-long project of acquiring viewing material. Though I will no doubt find some material which will be of use to this blog-- Japanese Pink, and Russ Meyer's films most obviously-- I still won't have the time I'd hoped to dedicate to writing here. Rather than let the blog lie dormant, I will try to force myself into doing some quick posts requiring little research and work here, just to keep the blog alive.
First up in this series of shorties is in response to an email request I received to review the early, partially-hidden career of über-busty girl Fuko, whom we have not discussed here yet.
As is fairly well known, before she burst on the scene in gravure/swimsuit modeling as "Fuko", she first appeared topless at Tokyo Topless in three pictorials under the name "Love" (らぶ). These pictures first showed her face. I'm not sure when they were posted, but the dates on my copies are March 17, 2005. I think I was following the site fairly closely at that time, so March 2005 is a good guess. These images were pulled off the site in June 2005 and replaced with the same images, but with Fuko's head cropped off.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, the images I present for your viewing pleasure, above and throughout this post, are all six photos from Fuko's first appearance at Tokyo Topless. Stay tuned for tomorrow night's post, when we visit her second page, in which she uncovers the goods!

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